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The Wise (2022) Part 9

The Wise (2022) Part 9

Anger, wickedness, betrayal, hatred, pity and disguise are the order of the day,  Mercy who is been maltreated in her own fathers house as the step mother chose to value other of her girl child making her face all sorts of humiliation and pity. but the mercy of God came on her as a poor rich young keke driver came to seek for her hand in marriage.. watch as the story unfolds.

STARRING: Mercy Johnson, Ekene Umenwa, Rita Arum, Smith Nnebi, Sharon Chizoba, Okwuchukwu Okpanum, Unegu Sunshino, Don water Okonkwo, Vienna Woke

PRODUCED BY: Nicodemus Nwankwo

DIRECTED BY: Vincent De Anointed

COMPANY: Holycup Production

YEAR: 2022

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