How Strong 495* series has turned itself into an FTA/IKS/IPTV force

The new king is now strong 4950 lineups. Surprisingly, strong 4950 is currently outperforming its newer successors; 4955 and 4962i. This article will describe the journey so far with strong decoders. I mean how strong has been the backbone of dongles and IKS decoder from 2012 to date. strong decoders now indirect dongles as you will soon find out.

By specifications and features, strong decoders are meant as a pure free to air decoder only. However, in recent times, this is no longer the case as other STB producers from China has almost run strong aground. Currently, certain strong decoders are outperforming all the IKS/IPTV decoders out there
Strong decoder’s contribution to GPRS and IKS dongles between 2011 to early 2013

Back in the days of avatar 1, 2 and 3, many used dongle to power their dongles decrypting capabilities through Malagasy 7e as the server. Then you do not need any local internet connections for this. Shortly after this. the sks exploit was patched and we welcomed the arrival of “GPRS dongles” we also employed strong decoders initially for this purpose until later on, other decoders like tlink, dovesat, azsky, qsat came into fore. The most popular decoders back then were 4663x, 4669x, 4920, 4922, 4922a.

Summarily, strong decoders were used as a means to an end. However, there was a countermeasure by strong to stop loading of any software that could allow their devices to be used for any non-pure FTA purposes. I also remember some automatic OTA launched by strong way back.


How have Strong decoders now become a major player in broadcast piracy 

Any strong decoder you buy today will still not come with any inbuilt feature, manual, hardware or software that can directly circumvent payTV subscriptions. However, immediately you have this beast of a decoder in your hands, you can easily turn it into anything you want. An agelong website has all the software and modules that you need for installing premium IPTV, powervu auto roll functions and lots more in your decoder. I first discovered “” and the Persian site when I was searching for software that could enable me use an active DSTV smartcard inside a strong decoder. This was as far back as 2011/2012.

This same site is credited with many software for Tandberg, powervu, autobiss solutions, IPTV solutions. And everything is available for download for free.

Strong decoders now indirect dongles-how does strong make a profit from this?

The truth be told, strong decoders do not sell this software. In fact, there is no link to the software page from their official website. However, they support the software being developed by these guys.I can’t tell if crosat is linked to strong indirectly as all their software doesn’t work on counterfeit strong decoders.

We must not forget that strong has the strongest, most durable and most reliable decoder for Free to air purposes. This is a big advantage on their part. However, they started losing sales since GPRS dongles stopped working. This they have overturned by producing decoders that support pwervu, cccam and IPTV.  Many out there will still prefer strong to qsat if they can both do the same thing.

Which stong decoders now fully supports IPTV, powervu, biss, fta and so on

Strong 4920 used to be the undisputed king. However, things have gotten messier and 4920 no longer do powervu auto roll solution for MTN worldwide. You can still use your strong 4920,4922 or 4922a for every other thing though. As we speak, strong 4950, 4950e, 4950m and 495h are the overall best even though we have newer versions like 4955 and 4962i. The current attack on decoders opening mtn worldwide has seen strong drop powervu auto roll software for 4955 because of excessive freezing. The current auto roll solution only works smoothly on 4950.

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