Must Know google chrome tricks for all Android phones users

The main excuse we all give is that google chrome tends to consume more data than other browsers for android. While this is partially true especially when you compare chrome on android with UC browser or opera mini, this is not so true for another android browser. Interestingly, you can actually enjoy your chrome with the highest performance you can think of. More importantly, you can also compress your data while browsing on chrome. This article will do justice to how to improve chrome Android browsing experience.

Number 1: move the address bar to the bottom.

Our phones are getting bigger every year. That results in more difficulty with reaching some useful elements on the screen, such as the address bar in the browser. You can make it easier for you by moving the address bar to the bottom of the page. To do it, you just need to paste the followings  into the search bar: chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-home
Now, tap the highlighted select menu and press Enabled. After doing this, just reset Google Chrome for the change to take place.



number 2: How to switch between tabs faster

Now, you can swipe across the address bar – this will switch between the opened browser tabs. You can also swipe down the address bar, which will show the full list of opened tabs, so you can choose which one you’d like to go through! This should improve your Chrome experience by reducing the time it takes to switch between the pages. Also, it allows you to multitask better.

number 3: You can download a page once you’re online.

This is a very useful trick especially for those living in areas where there is a slow and unreliable connection? This can be so frustrating. luckily, there is an option that enables you to download the page as soon as you get your internet connection back. You can just tap on the Download page later button as soon as your online connection fails you

Chrome for android trick number 4: change font size.

Nowadays, the internet is mostly about the text – articles, blog posts and so on. Fortunately, you can change the size of the text in Google Chrome and adjust it to your preference. This should reduce eye strain and make it easier for you to consume content of the page. To do that, you have to tap on the Options, then go to Settings and Accessibility. Once there, you will see the Text scaling option.
As the instructions say, you need to drag the slider across and change the size of the text. This should help a lot of people, especially the elderly.

Google Chrome browser for android trick number 5:  browse faster and use fewer data.

I will say this is the hallmark of this article as it tends to the challenges facing us in Developing Countries. When using Google Chrome, you have an option called “Data saver.” It optimizes the content of the website. This makes the pages load faster and consume fewer data. In the long term, you save a lot of data just with this feature! To turn it on, you need to go to Chrome settings. Tap on the dots in the upper right corner, then tap on Settings. Once you do it, find a section called “Data saver” and turn it on. Now, you can enjoy faster loading times, and after a while, you can go back to this setting to soo how much data you saved in the long term.

number 6 – use the built-in search panel.

In Google Chrome browser for Android, there is a feature called Touch to search. It improves the browsing a lot – you just tap on the word that you don’t understand and it instantly shows you the meaning of it. To turn this feature on, go to Menu > Settings > Privacy > Touch to search and turn the option on.
Now, you can just tap on a word that you find confusing and learn something new without having to leave the page and the browser! Very useful for researchers

improve chrome Android browsing-Trick number 7:How to enable force zoom.

To turn it on, you need to go to Options > Settings > Accessibility. Once there, tap on Force Enable Zoom. This will make the browser enable it everywhere, even on the pages when you usually can not zoom content. Now you can just use the pinching gesture to zoom in and out.

improve chrome Android browsing trick number 8: tap on phone numbers, e-mails or addresses to use them.

The 8th element in the catalogue of how to improve chrome Android browsing is phone number and email trick. Whenever you are just looking for information about someone or just find it by accident, you can tap on it to perform a quick action. Tapping on a phone number will show you an option to call the number. Tapping on an e-mail will give you the opportunity to send one to it. Using the same thing with the address will turn on Google Maps and look for it there.2
To use this feature, just tap on a piece of information and use the option that will appear at the bottom of the browser window.


 improve chrome Android browsing- trick number 9: How to turn on the force reader mode.

Reader mode is a feature that strips the website of everything unnecessary. It is useful when you want to read a cool article, but you get lost in all the pictures, advertisements and everything else. To turn this on, just paste this into the search bar: chrome://flags/#reader-mode-heuristics
Now, press the highlighted select box. Here, you have many options such as turning on the reader mode for pages that are structured like articles or just all pages. You can also turn it off. After you decide and turn on the option that you want, just turn off Google Chrome and turn it on again to make the change.

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