MTN worldwide powervu instability on Auto roll decoders – the cause and effect

MTN worldwide powervu instability on Auto roll decoders – the cause and effect MTN Worldwide instability – What is happening?


Nothing new has happened. However, something unusual just happened. MTN Worldwide got blocked twice in less than two weeks. This has not happened in recent times. As if that didn’t suffice, this happened on the eve of matchdays.


In spite of what I mentioned above, powervuEMU 2.9.1 is still working for everyone having a DVB  card. In a layman’s language, the emulator has not been tampered with. Only Oscam software for decoders was blocked

Furthermore, it is so worrisome to realise that you need to download a fresh software anytime the block MTN Worldwide. I feel for everyone using tigerstar t3000 currently.

Obviously, everyone who depends on sports 24 HD  for today’s EPL matches will be missing out. The exception to this is if alphabox releases a software for their x6+ just in time. As at the time of writing this article, none of our various decoders is currently auto rolling MTN Worldwide on any of its positions.

We shouldn’t expect the owners of sports 24 HD fold their arms. However, the ha*ckers have proven up to the task time and time again.

MTN Worldwide instability – What is the effect of this frequency blocking by sports 24?

I will highlight the effects as follows:

  • Frustration; It is very frustrating when you need to start waiting for any new software because the existing one just went off. Unfortunately, most of this software won’t come at immediately.
  • Waste of resources: If you are unlucky enough to have a cunny installer, you will sure waste some cash setting up mtn worldwide in your home or office. A crafty installer will not tell you about the attended instability of sports 24 meaning, you will have to buy a big dish, decoder install and start dealing with this.
  • Another point worthy of note is that this will likely continue for a long time until it’s off for good. I won’t deceive you, MTN Worldwide is gradually and steadily slipping out of our grasp.
  • No thanks to some greedy STB manufacturers. They keep bringing new hardware and continue to abandon the existing one. Tigerstar has like 30 models currently. Only GSky and Freesat refused to discontinue support for their older decoders. I am feeling sorry for users of tiger 3000. Tiger3000 needs a software 387mb in size anytime the owner wants to upgrade.
  • Do not bank much on sports 24 HD as it can obviously disappoint you now

MTN Worldwide instability-WHAT IS THE WAY FORWARD?

Before the week runs by, various OEM will roll out software for their various decoders. This will likely start with Alphabox x6+. Others will surely join. Let us hope it last longer than previously. Our sticky article on the homepage of this site (that is dedicated to MTN Worldwide) will be updated as new events unfold. As at now, there is no auto roll software for MTN worldwide. The only thing currently working is Emulator on DVB cards

Alternatively, you can explore other avenues like IKS, IPTV or FTA as plan B for MTN Worldwide instability. On the positive side, most or all of this new software come on a platter of gold and they are all 8mb or lesser. You should be cool with that as long as you are not using a tiger 3000.

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