Kwesé Tv unveils ‘pay-as-you-watch’ TV bouquet in Kenya

Kwesé Tv unveils ‘pay-as-you-watch’ TV bouquet in Kenya Econet media, the owner of kwese satellite tv company has introduced a kwese tv pay-as-you-watch package for its subscribers in Kenya. I stumbled upon this while surfing the net and it caught my fancy, to say the least. I am happy that what was perceived as been near impossible is now been celebrated in Africa.

that should pioneer pay-as-you-watch, Africa should the at the forefront. We know how erratic power supply in most African countries. Suffice to say that the current nagging recession in Nigeria is also one of the reasons why Pay-TV consumers are rebelling against exorbitant pay-TV charges. The small percentage of the populace who can even afford the subscription for personal use, do not get the value for their money, Why won’t Africans embrace dongles and IPTV.

kwese tv pay-as-you-watch in Kenya

Research shows that Kenyans as not as tolerant of oppression/exploitation as Nigerians. Every sector of their economy tends to be very competitive. Kwese recently launched their pay-TV services in Kenya and they realise that the only way they could stand a change against the existing companies is to introduce something innovative and uniques.


We have other popular pay-TV companies in Kenya before the arrival of kwese. DStv has already spread their tentacles in Kenya but with the bouquet, I am certain DStv will be forced to do something similar or even beat kwese to it. How I so wish kwese will do a similar thing in Nigeria. It is going to be very fair on the consumers if you pay for what you can watch. Then the companies can also push for a reduction in the tax rates from the federal government. Not everyone can afford a constant alternative power supply.

Let me quote from the news that announced the new service in Kenya. Worthy of mention is the fact that kwese ran a test transmission free of charge for Kenyans before the commencement of sales. Also, the gave 30 days free subscription to every new subscriber. Now they have fully launched and one of their bouquets include 3, 7 and 30 days subscription to its full channels.

“The quote”

kwesé’ has innovated to bring to market Kenya’s first ever “pay as you watch” payment model. This flexible payment option gives subscribers the choice between purchasing 3, 7 and 30 day passes to its full channel bouquet. Never before has such premium content been available for as little as 475 KES*.

“Kenya is an important market for us and we are excited to bring our full offering here. Our multi-platform model ensures that we provide entertainment and sports content anytime and anywhere at no extra cost,” said Kennedy Ojung’a, General Manager for Kwesé TV Kenya.

“As a business premised on making premium content accessible and convenient, we are introducing innovations which we believe are game changers. Our flexible payment option gives viewers a way to structure their TV viewing to suit their lifestyle. In addition to this our ‘always-on’ Kwese Free bouquet means 24/7 access our free-to-air channels whether you have paid your subscription or not. No other service gives viewers this kind of value for money for world-class content.” Ojung’a added.


Putting this kwese tv pay-as-you-watch payment method in Kenya into perspective, it is really worth it.  This will help you choose the package that suits you most based on prevalent circumstances. Everyone wants to watch satellite tv, not everyone has access to uninterrupted power supply. Also, many can only watch anything on weekend. This simply means they pay for 30 days and are able to watch for 8 days. I sincerely wish all other pay-TV company across Africa will follow in the footsteps of Kwese, startimes and soon to be deployed, TSTV Africa.

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