iPhone “I can’t hear the caller”, or iPhone stuck in headphones mode

I have been a victim thrice in total. It is not a good situation to find oneself in. I have decided to share all the tricks that there is with my readers when the third issue occurred a few days ago.I tag this article  “fix can’t hear the other side iPhone”. This recommendation will work for you regardless of the form your own case takes. As long and the end result is your inability to hear your caller from the other end, you will be more than happy reading this post today. Noteworthy, this can be either way; you can’t hear the caller or your caller can’t hear you.

Causes of iPhone ear receiver/ earpiece not bringing out sound during calls

There is a wide range of possible causes for iPhone earpiece problems. One thing is however common to all, you can’t hear your caller or no sound is coming out of your earpiece. Below are highlights of the possible causes. We cannot also absolve apple of the blame. I think it is in most case a manufacturer’s defect. I have never dropped my iPhone, neither have I ever drenched it. Yet, it had this fault thrice.

  • You have a damaged earpiece/speaker. This can be a fault of the factory or an impact damage. If this is the case, you need to take it to the engineer for a replacement.
  • Your iPhone is new and you have unconsciously failed to remove the transparent nylon covering the entire face of the phone. This, in turn, blocks your hearing.
  • Your earpiece jack is dirty(this can make your iphone to be stuck in headphones mode
  • Also, you may unknowingly have you volme all the way down.
  • What about the fact that you actually have your phone actively connected to a Bluetooth headset and you have forgotten to disconnect it?
  • Maybe your earpiece has problem; it might be damaged or stuck
  • Have you searched for your earpiece location to see if it is loose? Who knows, this might just be the culprit.
  • The problem might also be related to the carrier. You may think about changing your sim card.
  • Water Damage A very common reason for iPhones getting stuck in headphones mode is water damage, and a lot of the time people don’t know how it could have happened. Here’s how the conversation went: I’d ask, “Are you an athlete?”, and they would say yes. I’d ask, “Do you listen to music when you run or work out?”, and they’d say yes again. Can you guess what happened?
fix can’t hear the other side iPhone – troubleshooting guide

Like I said earlier, there is a problem and the problem is that your caller cannot hear you. Please perform the following troubleshooting to know the degree of damage to your iPhone. In 99% of the situations, it is a mere bug.

  • Are your speakers working?
  • can you hear the sound of your songs when playing music via the music app?
  • what about your voice notes, can you hear your recordings play?
Basic troubleshooting 

Eliminating the possibility of a software problem: To do this, totally power off your iPhone and switch it back on. If this doesn’t fix the issue, do a soft reset of your phone by pressing “home button and power button simultaneously” for iPhone to iPhone 8. For iPhone X do this.

fix can’t hear the other side iPhone – fixes

Let us start with the simplest fixes for this annoying situation.

  • What to do when your music player and voice notes are working but you can’t still hear your caller: This issue happened to me twice. The first time was while i was using my iPhone 6 and it normalised without my knowledge after some days. The second time it happened to me, I had to use my apple earphones to fix it. This is what I did. I plugged in my earphones and remove them in quick successions while rocking the volume button up and down in the process. Eventually, I was able to hear my caller. This is a fix that works when the speaker mode, music app and voice notes are working


Take A Look At The Headphone Jack

Grab a flashlight and shine it inside your iPhone’s headphone jack. Is there any debris stuck inside? I’ve seen everything from rice, to brown goo, to broken-off tips of cheap headphones stuck inside. Trying to extract something from your iPhone’s headphone jack is extremely difficult, and some Apple techs won’t even try.

How to get junk/debris out of your iPhone earpiece jack?

  1. You can use a standard BIC or eleganza pen. The opposite end of the cartridge is the perfect size to remove debris from the headphone jack. Insert that end into the headphone jack and gently twist to loosen the debris, and then shake it out of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Compressed Air

    Try using a can of compressed air to blow air directly into your iPhone’s headphone jack. This may work even if you don’t see anything stuck inside. Compressed air can loosen debris just enough to shake it out or blow it out completely. Be gentle: Don’t stick the hose all the way into your iPhone’s headphone jack and start blowing. Start from the outside of your iPhone and work your way in.

    If you don’t have a can of compressed air, you can try blowing it out yourself, but I don’t particularly like that option because our breath contains moisture that can damage your iPhone’s internal circuitry. If you feel like you have nothing to lose, then, by all means, give it a try.

  3. Using a cotton swab/bud: You can also use a cotton bud to clean the inside of your dirty earpiece. Do this by twisting the cotton end in
  4. The speaker or sensor might have gotten loose due to a drop or a screen repair.  This can cause the iPhone ear speaker to stop working. Attempt to apply light pressure to the case surrounding the speaker. This indicates a faulty connection and a hardware problem. If your problem is still not resolved, it is likely a software problem.
  5. Soft reset + volume buttons combo: If any of the above doesn’t work for you, try the followings:
  • Soft reset your iPhone using the appropriate button combination(This might fix it but if it doesn’t). Now go to>>settings>>sounds>>then start pressing the volume buttons. Press the volume down all the way and do the same thing for volume up. Make sure you do not leave the sound page.If you are successful with this, you will notice that volume will identify the sound as a ringer as against “headphones” when you got back to the main menu. Once you notice this, it means you are successful. It worked for me when others failed.

fix can't hear the other side iPhone

iPhone sounds location

This is your iPhone sound settings page. stay on this page while you turn off/on your volume. Use your volume physical button for this

iPhone headphones showing while no headphones is connected

5. Do a full factory reset of your iPhone: If any of the above fails, then you can erase everything on your iPhone see if it fixes your issue

6. As the last resort to any software-related issues that can cause you not to be able to hear your caller, do iTunes restore.

  • Please don’t wrap your iPhone’s earpiece arouund your iPhone. If you do this often, after a while, the strain from the headphones wrapped around the iPhone on the end plugged into the headphone jack becomes so great that the entire headphone jack starts to pull away from the logic board. It’s OK to wrap your headphones around your iPhone, as long as you unplug them when you do. 

  • If every attempt to resolve this with a software fix fails, it simply means your earpiece receiver/speaker is damaged. It is time for you to take your phone to your local GSM engineer or better still, call your dealer if you are still under warranty repair.

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