DishPointer Pro helps you find the satellite every time, fast and easy

DishPointer Pro 222, DishPointer Pro helps you find the satellite every time, fast and easy With over 7000 downloads it’s the No.1 app for satellite professionals and DIY-enthusiasts alike. “It’s invaluable, gets the job done in half the time”. This app has been around for a while. It is an app that was published as far back as 2012. It is a must-have for any professional satellite installer who wishes to be at the top of his craft at all times DishPointer Pro: Point your phone towards the sky to see on the live camera screen where the satellites are, any line of sight (LoS) issues and the look angles. Couldn’t be easier to install your sat dish with this augmented reality satellite finder.

+ SCREEN Capture: show your customers no line of sight issues, save it to the sd card or email it to back office.
+ Works with all geostationary satellites
+ Works everywhere around the world
+ No Internet access needed to operate it (occasionally it is required)
+ Add, edit and delete satellites
+ Select favourite satellites
+ Azimuth, elevation and skew results

DishPointer Pro v2.2.2 – How to acquire?

This piece of very useful software for all professional satellite installers is for sale. I mean it is not a freeware. You can make a one-off payment for in on google play store or from the developer’s websites. The price in Nigerian currency is lesser than #4,000. I will not advise you to get the pirated copy because if you do, you might not enjoy the full features of the app. Don’t be surprised if you find the pirated copy online though

The latest version is: v. 2.2.2
– Fix: On some devices, the soft menu button in satellite list view would not appear
– NEW: Auto-Calibrate
– NEW: User instructions updated.
– Enhancement: Location updates improved
– Fix: Several minor bug fixes
If you have any questions, please contact us at

DishPointer Pro – How to get started

1.Wait for a location fix. If the app cannot determine your location, enable GPS from the phone settings.

Calibrate the compass each time you use the app. Just move the device in a large figure-8 motion while the DishPointer Pro app is running.

  1. Position the device where you’d like to setup the dish and point the device towards the sky.
  2. Check for line of sight issues by verifying that the desired satellite is on the clear sky and not on tree, building, etc.. If this is the case, you have a good spot for your dish and a clear line of sight towards the satellite. You can now point your dish in that direction.

  1. Set the elevation of the dish to the given value at the bottom. You might need to switch off the compass and move the satellites with your finger to get the settings for the right satellites as indicated at the bottom.

  1. Set the LNB or dish skew to the given value. Note that many multi-lnb dishes start their skew at 90 degrees (that’s when the dish is not skewed). You would need to add or subtract the skew value given by the app to 90 degrees on such dishes. Remember that you always skew into the direction of the satellite relative to due South. So, if the central satellite is East of South, you would rotate the dish like a steering wheel anti-clockwise when standing behind the dish.Compass Accuracy

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