How to delete for everyone your sent WhatsApp chats after 7 mins +1 other

How to delete for everyone your sent WhatsApp chats after 7 mins +1 other how to “delete for everyone” your sent WhatsApp chats after 7 mins +1 other Let me congratulate all those who have procured that Etisalat magic sim. I appreciate your courage and boldness. Continue enjoying it while it last. One of my client who is using it within a 4g coverage location is currently downloading like fire. Now back to the topic of the day. There are many reasons why we might want to delete our chats from WhatsApp server. This is called delete for everyone. We are discussing how to retract WhatsApp chats


It happens at times that you might have sent some messages in error, or maybe you send a sensitive chat that must not be allowed to stay on for too long. In the opposite, your instincts might just want you to withdraw/recall/ retract/un-send the messages you already sent. If you fall within any of the above, this article is right for you. I will give a brief tutorial on how to retract WhatsApp chats. In addition, I will give a little trick on how you can view all your contacts, WhatsApp status updates anonymously.

By default, and if you are currently running the latest version of WhatsApp app, you can recall/retract/ or delete chats for everyone within just 8 minutes of sending such chats. By extension, if you fail to delete within the said period of time, you will ordinarily be unable to delete them again. However, with this easy to apply trick, you can still delete your WhatsApp chats for both you and your contact for a period not more than two or three weeks after sending such messages. I have tried it and it works within a week. However, I cannot guarantee that it will work when it is up to a month.


retract WhatsApp chats

How to easily retract WhatsApp chats after 7 minutes of sending them

The steps are very easy to follow. just make sure it is not more than 8 days or thereabouts because that is what I already confirmed. 8 days is my personal maximum time. One month is a no-go area for me. The steps with the help of pictures are as follows:

  • Once you notice that you need to delete some messages and it is out of the 7 minutes allowance, the first step you must take is to completely quit your WhatsApp. I mean close it from within your task manager or force-quit the app. Don’t allow it run in the background
  • Next, put your phone in Airplane/offline mode meaning you won’t have any network.
  • Furthermore, go to your phone’s settings>>date and time>> then change the time of your phone to at least 2 minutes behind the time that is reflecting on your WhatsApp as at the time you closed it. Note: if you are deleting messages from several days back, you must change the time and date. you need to backdate

backdating for WhatsApp messages

retract WhatsApp chats, continue reading the steps below>>
  • Once you are done with the backdating, now open your WhatsApp app without disabling the aeroplane mode/flight mode, press and hold each and every message you want to delete for everyone, tap on the delete icon and you will see the option to delete for everyone come back to life. Complete the process by clicking on delete for everyone, WhatsApp and disable your airplane/offline mode so that your network can be restored.
  • This process is complete only when you enable your mobile data network as that is when it will be deleted from the other person’s end

Trick number 2: How to view someone’s status update  discreetly/anonymously/stealthily on WhatsApp

I happily tag this trick “enabling ghost mode when viewing WhatsApp status”. At times, I resent the ideas of people seeing me as always viewing their status. Also, you might just want to view the status of someone that you do not relate to so well. Whatever your reasons might be, this trick comes handy. However, there is one trade-off. If you activate this feature, your contacts will no longer be able to confirm when you have read their messages. In a nutshell, your “read messages” indicators(I mean the double marks in blue colour) will stop working. This is majorly for those who get disturbed a lot and wants to minimise it. It goes like this:

  • Open your whatsapp>>go to settings>>account>>privacy>>scroll all the way down>> uncheck the “read receipts” box. You can ever after view any status updates of your WhatsApp contacts without them knowing. I mean you will not be on the list of those who have viewed that content whereas you are. That is one of the ways of staying active on WhatsApp without being noticed

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