Amazing price reduction on hellobox B1 and other satellite tv components and accessories – Get yours now this year end

Amazing price reduction on hellobox B1 and other satellite tv components and accessories – Get yours now this year end  satellite tv components accessories discount sales

Call this m special way of making my followers get certain quality satellite tv accessories cheaper than is obtainable in the common market. Today’s post is geared towards informing you my valued readers how you can obtain original and high quality satellite tv accessories. This is a satellite tv components/accessories discount sales page.

satellite tv components/accessories discount sales – what are the items on this list

Basically, everything I sell has been hugely discounted currently. The discount is guaranteed to run until at least January 2018 all other things being equal. The list of satellite tv accessories that I sell are, but not limited to the followings

  • Satellite dishes of any size
  • satellite tv finders/trackers. E.g hellobox, satlink, freesat, kpt
  • Superior replacement antenna that works fine for Gotv, startimes, CTL, metro or similar Terrestrial tv channels
  • C band LNBf single solution. This track c band channels faster and with greater signal strength than the knock-offs in the market.
  • Replacement batteries for satlink sat finder and that of KPT Sat finders
  • satellite tv modulators
  • Ku Band LNBf… Sony, inverto and the likes
  • Replacement remote control units for decoders
  • Wifi adapters for decoders
  • Any decoder that is not bundled with a preloaded software that circumvents pay-TV contents.

satellite tv components/accessories discount sales – Pictures and price Ideas

Generally, not everything has a price discount. Some of the products listed above are enjoying an outright price slash while others are undergoing a discount sale currently. I will take my time to separate the ones that are currently in


discount sales. We do not pray for a growth from bad to worse for the Nigerian economy. In the absence of this, even the ones with a promo tag can enjoy a price reduction come next year.

  1. Hellobox B1 Bluetooth satellite finder for all Android phones. This amazing product has #1,000(Nigerian currency) removed out of its retails and bulk sales. This miniature product is a class apart from the rest in the pool. You can read more about this product on our various articles dedicated to it. Its price now ranges between 8k+ to 10k. This depends mainly on the quantity. The quantity determines the price. the discounts start from one piece and stop at 10 pieces. It resumes from 20 pieces
2. Other Digital satellite finders (not Bluetooth) All are capable of tracking HD channels while some can even open the HD channels
  • SAT Link WS-6933 Satellite signal finder- HD, DVB-S2 and Meter Kit. The price is now from between #18,000 to #19,000

18k to 19k. it cost 22k on jumia


  • KPT-958L and 958G are the same prices. No discount but a reduction in prices. They go for around 27/28k. 958l currently costs #35,000 on jumia

  • Log periodic UHF Digital TV antenna for DV3T, DV3T2 and HDTV. Works great for all terrestrial tv channels. Price is now more reasonable.

  • Superior single solution C band LNBf

  • A decent HD satellite signal finder. With MPEG-4 and HD pictures that use remote control. The price is now between 19k and 21k

  • Televes 2 ways in satellite modulator. And the price ranges between 8000 to 9000 for unit and bulk respectively

  • Then we have replacement batteries for satlink and kpt satellite finders at reasonable prices

This is for satlink and it cost around #5,000


This is KPT replacement battery. It is in the region of #6,000 plus


satellite tv components/accessories discount sales- How to acquire this item from me?

I always say this, there is no satellite tv product that I can’t get for my clients. As long as it falls within what is permitted by law. I am a public figure as far as satellite tv discourse is concerned in Africa. I no longer deal with anything that will put me into legal trouble. It will be nice if I am still be around for much longer, to serve you better. In a nutshell, my modus operandi remains intact.

  • Serious buyers only should send their request to me via email info @ Or directly through the site’s contact us page.
  • I will send every other information you need to know
  • You will not regret patronising us. This is not bragging

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