AFN (9°E, 0.8°W, 64.2°E, 166°E, 177°W ,180°E & 113°E) updated channels list and news

New AFN 9E channels – What has happened?

AFN now has more channels on their package. Also, some decoders have stopped opening AFN channels. Noticeable among the affected decoders are some Qsat decoders. Let us call it a mini upgrade. In addition, most of the newly added channels only have audio without video. If you have one that is having bothe audio and visuals, please indicate. The following channels are currently free to air:

Eutelsat 9B @ 9 east Freq: 11804 V 27500


AFN News

we also have, AFN Sports

AFN Sports 2

Included in the list is AFN Prime Atlantic

AFN Spectrum

finally, AFN Prime Pacific


New AFN 9E channels – complete list

New AFN 9E channels

New AFN 9E channels- List of channels with audio but no video

  • AFN Atlantic Eag
  • The voice
  • Power Talk
  • Clutch Sports Ra
  • Afn fans
  • AFN Hot AC
  • Aviano Eagle
  • AFN Legacy
  • Freedom Radio
  • AFN Joe FM
  • AFN Gravity
  • Benelux Eagle
  • Bavaria Eagle
  • AFN Country
  • NPR Internationa
  • Incirlik Eagle
  • Kaiserslautern E
  • Naples Eagle
  • Rota Eagle
  • Souda Bay Eagle
  • Spangdahlem
  • Stuttgart Eagle
  • Vicenza Eagle

The above channels are the ones currently broadcasting without video on Powervu/FTA decoders. The frquency is: 11785 h 27499

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