8 Reasons Why You Must Use A VPN on Android

Here in this post, you are going to read about the benefits of using a VPN, features, and security purposes of using a VPN on Android devices.

Just like a condom protects from pregnancy (interesting example 😜), a VPN protect you from your personal data leakage online. When you connect your PC or any devices like Android smartphones, Android tablets, or Android TV Box with the internet; your locations, your identity, and your activity became public and being recorded by ISP (Internet Service Provider) and various intermediate servers admin.



It means, by streaming pirated contents like videos, movies, tv shows or music, you are inviting risk. Anytime, you’ll get a legal notice from copyrighted owners which drove you into trouble. So, a secure VPN will work as an umbrella and encrypt your privacy online. There are many more security threats you might face without a VPN. In this post, I am going to list out some important reasons why you must use a highly secure VPN on Android smartphones.


Disclaimer: We never encourage anyone to spread piracy but we really care for your privacy and just trying to protect your identity online. Various articles published on this website is solely for educational purposes.

How VPN’s Protect Your Privacy Online

Every computer has it’s own Mac address and every internet provider has a unique IP address. Whenever you connect your device with any internet sources like broadband or wifi; your IP location is visible to everyone and your data and identity might be under risk. Your PC or device is prone to security theft by H@ckers.


A VPN aka Virtual Private Network will replace your IP with virtual servers which are encrypted by high-security firewall filters. VPN’s providers allow you to connect in various locations of many countries online. With the help of a VPN, you can replace your actual IP address with a virtual IP address, is provided by your VPN provider.


It’s extremely essential to use a VPN on your Android devices because you may using some movies apps like Terrarium TV and Kodi because many of such third-party add-ons find the streaming link from torrent websites database without having a license. This is a kind of piracy and official can take a serious action against you. We are not supporting you to spread piracy but trying to protect your data leakage online.

Why You Should Use A VPN on Android

Android is an open-source mobile operating system which powers around 87% smartphones. This operating system has gone viral after 2012 and overtaken all the operating systems globally. But, it is well-known fact that, Android is an extremely customizable but insecure mobile operating system in terms of data privacy. Other operating systems like iOS, Windows, Symbian are a bit secure than Android in terms of data leakage.


In order to prevent any data leakage, you need to install a best mobile antivirus program along with a highly secure VPN to hide your identity with online activity. Below are some important reasons why you must use a VPN on Android phones.

8 Reasons Why You Must Use A VPN On Android

Here I am going to give you 8 reasons why your Android phone must have a VPN installed-

#1- Secured Browsing

Android is an open-source mobile operating system, it means you might have installed an insecure application on your phone. There are various malware-infected applications are available on the Google Play Store. The functionality of every malware is different. Some are used to record your activity and some are threatening your passwords also.

In such cases, you must need a VPN along with an antivirus program on your android phone so that, VPN can hide your browsing activities and antivirus will protect you from login credentials threatening. So, if you frequently browsing from your Android, I recommend you to get a VPN on your device.

#2- Hide your activity from ISP

Every ISP (Internet Service Provider) have the ability to record your online activity but using a VPN will prevent from this. Which website you are opening, which apps you are using and other various kinds of activity are open to your ISP. In such cases, using a VPN will prevent your ISP to track your activity.

#3- Access Region Blocked Contents

While browsing various websites, you might have experienced that some contents are blocked in your country. The best example is YouTube, Kodi, Hotstar, and Netflix. You have seen that some videos are not available in your country on YouTube and Netflix but Hotstar is only available in India. Various Kodi add-ons prompting Kodi pairing error to stream a particular links. So, in such cases, you need to enable a VPN on your Android phone and access those reason blocked websites and apps.

#4- Stay secure while using Public WiFi network

I know, people love free internet access. Usually, we connect our device in restaurants, railways platform, cafe, airports wifi networks. A VPN will protect yourself from any data leakage on public Wifi. It will provide you secure 256bit encryption while using public Wifi networks.

#5- Bypass Government Censorship

Some countries like China and India are not allowing their citizen to access some websites freely. Many movies and torrenting sites are blocked by the department of telecommunications. In such cases, VPN will work like charm. All you need to do is, just connect your IP location to some another country and access those government censored contents.

#6- Protect your privacy

Your privacy is open to the public when your device is connected to the internet. Your IP location is visible publicly when you are not using a VPN. But, once you connect with VPN, your original IP is replaced by a virtual IP address.

#7- Prevent your data from H@ckers

H@ckers are usually targeting your IP address as the primary path to gain access to your private data. Using a VPN will prevent you from H@ckers because they need to break a highly-secured firewall in order to target you and that is nearly impossible.

#8- Stop Geo-redirection

Many websites like Google, Amazon, Engadget, Mashable etc. are using the geo-redirection feature to serve the relevant contents. Due to this, users can’t access global web pages. A VPN will help you to prevent the geo-redirection of a website.

Final Words

Well, these are only 8 benefits of using a VPN on your android device but there are many hidden features that you rarely notice but it’s important. Using a secure VPN will ensure your identity and data safety while accessing the world wide web. I strongly recommend you to use a VPN on all your devices. Thanks for giving your time, we are waiting for your feedback here.


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