7 reasons why using a paid / premium IPTV package may not be for developing countries

7 reasons why using a paid / premium IPTV package may not be for developing countries Using IPTV package rationally – Developing countries and IPTV how are they faring – using iptv package rationally

using IPTV package rationally is more serious than you think. Many I times, we use IPTV are run at a loss without knowing it.It is no longer news that IPTV has come to stay and it is already in most underdeveloped/developing countries of the world. Usually, if your country shares the following characteristics (like mine) then your country is poor or underdeveloped.


(i) Lower per-capita income (ii) Low levels of human capital (iii) High levels of poverty and under-nutrition (iv) Higher population growth rates (v) Predominance of agriculture and low levels of industrialization (vi) Low level of urbanization but rapid rural-to-urban migration (vii) Dominance of informal sector (viii) Underdeveloped labor, financial, and other markets.

Lower per-capita income is the greatest determinant of development in a country. This doesn’t mean there are no rich people in developing countries. Furthermore, Nigeria, for example, has the biggest economy in Africa. However, that doesn’t make her the richest. In terms of per capita income, Nigeria is one of the poorest countries. I will use Nigeria as a case study. 98% of premium IPTV users in Nigeria are either using it at their own financial loss or cautiously. Rarely will you see an average Nigerian(all other things being equal) that is using Premium IPTV profitably?

FREE IPTV vs PREMIUM IPTV – using IPTV package rationally

I already explained in details all that there is about free or paid IPTV services here. You can read it up. However, as a reminder, premium or paid IPTV entails payment before gaining access. For example, bein offers a special IPTV premium package, we also have may 3rd parties premium IPTV providers including Google. On the other end, there are non-registered 3rd parties IPTV providers like; kodi (with either its official add-ons or 3rd party ones), Various free IPTV mobile apps, youtube, facebook videos, Instagram videos or any free video streaming packages


Reasons why IPTV  especially premium ones is not for developing countries yet

  1. Poverty and underdevelopment: You need money to getting started with IPTV. Unlike FTA satellite packages, spending on IPTV services is constant and continuous. You continually need to have an internet data plan and you will have to renew your subscription on or before every due date. Poverty is one of the characteristics of developing countries. By extension, this means the money is not there. Consequently, many IPTV users will voluntarily use a free IPTV that is if they have a good internet in the first place. Piracy sets in majorly as a result of poverty
  2.  Premium/Paid IPTV requires even a faster internet: They major point of attraction in premium IPTV is as a result of its ultra-clear pictures. Most premium IPTV providers offer their channels in HD. While this is a good thing for the developed countries of the world, it is a killjoy for us down here. The reason is that less than 5% of Developing counties can boast of a good 4g internet. Conversely, some developed countries are now planning to switch on to the 5g network. In Nigeria for example, the coverage of 4g network is extremely poor and not all of them are even fast enough. Most ISP in developing countries throttle their internet speed. As if that is not enough, the 3g network in Nigeria is not reliable enough for consistent video streaming. In the opposite, most free IPTV packages come in various resolutions. They offer you freedom of choice.
  3. Affordability of Internet subscription

The late Fela once sang about Nigeria electricity and he said: “If e no good, e go come, if e no come, e go well”. Similarly, all the cheap internet data subscriptions in Nigeria have a very poor and unreliable speed. The expensive ones like 9mobile, IPNX, etc are pretty fast. It is difficult to pay for these bundles merely for IPTV purposes. In other words, you will have to pay for both the PTV services as well as your internet plan. That will be one hardship too many for an average Nigerian.

4. There is no truly unlimited data bundle in 99% of the developing countries 

In reality, they ISPs will either impose their fair usage policies on you, or throttle your speed so much so that it will be so difficult opening a mere webpage on your phone. Would a speed that couldn’t open a mobile page able to stream videos? In your case, if you are a premium IPTV subscriber, it simply means you have been shortchanged on both ends. The so-called fair usage policy in Nigeria is so annoying.

5. Most premium IPTV offers fewer contents for more

If i do not know the habits of other people from other developing countries, I know my own people. In Nigeria, we want the best for less. Free IPTV offers more contents and sacrifices good quality and convenience. We are surely content with this since going premium might take more for us and give us less.

6. Downtimes on available fast internet

It is so annoying when you subscribe to a seemingly fast but unreliable internet. I have many subscribers who can afford the subscription. However, the speeds fluctuate and the videos suffer. This will most likely cause you to have a rethink when you want to renew tour IPTV sub. Your connection can drop from a 4g speed to a 2g speed within a minute.

7. The cost of a good premium IPTV service: Factually, the better the service, the more you pay for the subscription. Let me use the service packages of Ancloud and tiger as my example. You cannot compare the efficiency and response time of ancloud IPTV acc with that of tiger. However, one is more expensive than the other. Also, before its demise, Qsat dqiptv offered the cheapest IPTV subscription ever.

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