Science and athleticism combine in new hands-on sports exhibit

Science and athleticism combine in new hands-on sports exhibit

Sports is part of our everyday lives. It is universal since it brings people together. Recently, the introduction of sports medicine has made an impact on the industry.


“Sportsology” has officially opened to the public. The exhibit by Tyler Junior College was opened on September 18. Visitors who got a chance to view the exhibit got to learn about “sportsology“.

The TJC exhibited some of the scientific knowledge behind sports. The exhibitions tests on agility, strength, speed, endurance, balance and coordination. We are sure you would love to know more about the exhibition, if you are a true sports fan, and love online sports betting Nigeria like many others.

The Top Things to Love About the Sports Exhibit

Sportsology is everything about sports. It is about how you could get better at sports and at the same time, built a better and fitter you.

And true to that spirit, some of the games tested include: Fastball and Hanging out. Fastball tests is a speed pitching challenge while Hanging out is an endurance challenge. Players in this challenge are hung in a pull-up bar and are expected to complete a wheelchair race.

The wheelchair race is mainly set for Paralympians. The aim is to show the rest of the world that they are beyond disability. Moreover, they have the agility of normal athletes.

The exhibition is aiming to encourage kids and college students to test their level of athletic fitness and strength.

The TJC is aiming to make an impact on the sports medicine sector. There are already people who have tested the ” exhibit”, and they are quite impressed by the results.

It’s Time to Get a Fitter You

A healthy individual does more with his day, and leads a more content life.

The TJC has some other big plans for the “sportsology“. It is also aiming to promote healthy body awareness. This will be succeeded through integrating science into the human body.

The exhibit so far has attracted different kinds of visitors. For instance, a lot of kids are attracted to the Hanging Out while college students are more fascinated by the Fastball.

The exhibit will run until August 2019. Currently, admission runs for only $3. The TJC is home to the only 40-foot Dome theatre in East Texas. It will feature shows which run throughout the day. Each show costs $7 for every adult.

The TJC is aiming to attract more visitors. For this reason, it will launch Dollar Tuesdays. This will entail visitors being admitted to the exhibition for only one dollar.

The Centre for Space Earth and Science Education centre is open to the public. Schools can make field trips, and the community can organize public events at the place.

The TJC is one special place that fa facilitates teaching and learning. Sportsology is bound to have a great impact not only to East Texas but the rest of the world. We just hope that things work out for and they can have more progress on this new field if sports.

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