Mikel Arteta under pressure to face Chelsea

Mikel Arteta under pressure to face Chelsea

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta says the club doesn't have much room to maneuver in the January transfer window and may have to ditch the players before they can join the first team.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is under enormous pressure as his side languishes in 15th place in the Premier League table ahead of tomorrow’s showdown with Chelsea.

Club legend Paul Merson believes his team is in a serious relegation battle and falling to the Championship is a great risk.

Calls have been received from sectors of the hobby to fire Arteta before it is too late.

Former Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri is currently out of contract and would make an ideal replacement as if he were Spurs head coach Mauricio Pochettino.

However, Merson fears that the Arsenal leadership may not be able to convince a manager of his caliber to take over the job.

“Arsenal are facing a relegation battle,” Merson wrote in his column for the Daily Star. “But it’s all very well to say that Mikel Arteta’s time is up, who could they get to replace him?

“I don’t see the best coaches in the world lining up to take office because they know that Arsenal are not going to win the league anytime soon.

“I don’t know why it went so horribly wrong. They beat Manchester United at Old Trafford not long ago. It just doesn’t seem like there’s harmony there.

“They give away goals at a low price and their confidence soars. There is no way they will beat Chelsea.

“Then they have to go to Brighton and West Brom. Well, West Brom is going to be tough to beat, and Brighton will soon beat someone up.

“Arteta says they have had bad luck. How? Teams are no longer afraid of them.

“Southampton played them the other week, and I was thinking, ‘Who on this Arsenal team would make the Saints?’ There are not many …

“I don’t know where Arsenal is going. I don’t think they will go down. But don’t fool yourself. Arsenal are in trouble. Better teams than Arsenal have dropped before.

“They are in a fight. And I can’t see many of those players roll up their sleeves. “

Arsenal winger Willian moved to Emirates from Chelsea this summer and a dream was sold.

“Arteta probably believed it at the time because they had won the FA Cup and just beat Chelsea and Manchester City.

“But I saw them against City this week and you KNEW they couldn’t win. Even when they scored, you knew there was another gear or two in City.

“If you win the game, you have every chance of winning the trophy. But from the beginning they just sat and barely touched the ball for two minutes.

“At the moment, they just don’t seem to win football games.”

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