Maradona’s Last Words Before Death Revealed

Maradona’s Last Words Before Death Revealed

Now more details are released about the series of events that occurred in the last hours before the death of Diego Maradona.

According to the Sun, Maradona’s last words before he died were: “I don’t feel well.”

The widely revered soccer legend died Thursday of a heart attack, two weeks after undergoing surgery for a brain hemorrhage.

Now it can be revealed that Maradona, 60, had breakfast before telling his nephew Johnny Esposito that he was not feeling well and was going to bed again, added The Sun.

A nurse who was caring for Maradona after his discharge from the hospital after his brain scan operation called an ambulance and several responded.

But it was too late and the retired footballer was dead when help arrived.

The final hours of the former Napoli and Barcelona star’s surprisingly short life unfolded in the Argentine media as an autopsy was expected to show he had died of a massive heart attack.

One described how he had woken up in the morning pale and complaining of being cold.

From Nigeria to England, tributes have been flowing ever since for Maradona, who would be missed for all he has done for the round leather game.

source: – fcnaija

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