Hackers attack Manchester United, ask for ransom

Hackers attack Manchester United, ask for ransom

Manchester United fans are planning a massive strike in the next home game against Wolves on February 1, as reported in The Mirror.

According to the ‘Daily Mail’, a group of computer scientists have entered the Manchester United system and have requested a ransom, of which the amount is unknown, to stop attacking and control the data.

Manchester United’s computer system has been attacked by a group of hackers, according to the ‘Daily Mail’. The attack occurred about a week ago and is still active.

This group of computer scientists continues to control the data and apparently they have asked for a millionaire ransom, the amount of which is unknown, to disconnect and release the system.

To counter this, United has turned to the UK cybersecurity agency for help and hired some experts to fight the system crash.

If fan data is revealed or violated, United could even be fined with figures ranging between 10 and 20 million euros, although the club has assured that this has not been the case.

For now, United is refusing to pay, so they could not, as ‘AS’ said, control their CCTV and stadium turnstiles.

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