Diego Maradona’s Doctor Under Investigation For Manslaughter (Photos)

‘They’re trying to make me the scapegoat’: Maradona’s doctor tearfully denies responsibility for fatal heart attack of 60-year-old soccer icon after being put ‘under investigation for involuntary manslaughter’ by police in Argentina

The police raided the home of the footballer’s personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque; They are trying to establish whether Maradona was a victim of negligence.

Luque said in an emotional interview that he did everything possible to help Maradona, but the family and lawyers of the late soccer star demand that his death be investigated at age 60; the footballer’s daughters stated that he was not receiving adequate medication

Diego Maradona’s doctor has tearfully denied any wrongdoing in his care of the late soccer icon as the police investigation into his death continues.

Leopoldo Luque is being investigated for medical malpractice and the police are treating the footballer’s death as a possible wrongful death.

But in his first media interview since police raided his home earlier today, the doctor said that “someone is trying to find a scapegoat” where there is none.

Police raided the home of personal physician Luque on Sunday and investigators are investigating all medical personnel involved in his care.

Luque was at home while the search was being conducted outside of Buenos Aires, while Argentine television stations have been broadcasting live images of police officers entering his clinic.

The records were ordered after Maradona’s daughters, Dalma and Giannina, gave statements yesterday and questioned whether the medication their father was receiving was adequate.

Argentine media report that Luque could be questioned as a “defendant,” someone who is under official investigation on suspicion of possible malpractice or negligence.

The doctor mounted an emotional defense of his treatment of the soccer legend after the police search of his home.

Luque burst into tears insisting that he had done everything possible to help the retired soccer player in his first interview since investigators began their crash operation to try to establish whether Maradona had been the victim of medical negligence.

Tears rolled down his cheeks when he insisted on a hastily arranged press conference at his home near Buenos Aires that lasted nearly 40 minutes – a ‘friend’ had died and Diego was his own worst enemy when it came to accepting help from professionals.