Alloy Agu: The best goalkeeper will always be in goal for Super Eagles

Super Eagles goalkeeping coach Alloy Agu has reaffirmed that only the best goalkeeper will be in the Super Eagles goal.

In a chat with Agu he said Nigerians clamoring for local goalkeepers on the national team should consider skill before looking at the clubs or leagues in which the players are practicing their trades.

“As the league progresses, we look for the best hand for Nigeria, no matter where they come from, what Nigerians deserve is the best and that is what I believe in and I am a defender of that, the best hand at all times, no It matters if it’s from the local league or from abroad, I don’t care where it comes from as long as it gives Nigeria the best result and the Nigerians will be happy with that, that’s who we are afterwards. “He concluded.

The most recent Super Eagles first pick, Maduka Okoye, has continued her form, as she kept another clean sheet for Sparta against Ado Den hag over the weekend.

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