You don’t have the right to insult my family

You don’t have the right to insult my family

Singer Paul Okoye of the late music duo, P-Square, has responded Davido for criticizing his birthday guests.

Paul Okoye criticizes Davido

Earlier today, Davido took to his Twitter account to criticize those who went to Peter and Paul Okoye’s birthdays separately. Read here.

Paul has responded by telling him that he has no right to do that and that he is very disappointed.

Paul dedicated himself to writing the history of IG;

At what level and with what audacity do you have to call my family and friends pussy…. brother, has it come to this? I am very disappointed in you… You have no right to insult my family and friends…. That’s fucked up.

FYI… .90% of those who came to mine still went to hers…. The same in reverse. And I respect your decision. ” he wrote.

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