Worshipers without face mask stopped from Pastor Adeboye’s crusade

Give it the slightest chance and Pastor Enoch Adeboye, general supervisor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, will make us part of it to win souls.  Urge church members to be incurable soul winners;  and he too.

On Saturday, the Redeemed Christian Church of God banned the unmasked faithful from entering the crusade grounds in Badagry, Lagos state, where its general supervisor, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, ministered.

Journalists report that Adeboye arrived in Badagry in a church helicopter that landed at the Ajara primary school around 9:00 am and departed for an undisclosed destination a few minutes later.

Newsmen reports that the COVID-19 guidelines were strictly observed as security officers were not allowing people without masks.

Those who did not have personal hand sanitizers were given, as the mask vendors made a dynamic sales business.

The church’s security details maintained that they had direct instructions to ensure that COVID-19 protocols were strictly followed.

Adeboye, ministering in the sermon titled ‘The Voice of Hope’, to commemorate this year’s “Let’s Go Fishing” program, said God had sent him to tell someone at the time that “it will be fine for him.”

The General Overseer said that the power of the message depends on those who send it.

According to him, a judicial messenger can only wish well to a defendant, but only the judge can release him.

“If you have a court case and you go to court and a messenger who works there says that victory is yours today, he only wishes you the best.

“But if the judge arrives and notices it and says that I remember your case, don’t worry today, you will be discharged, you know your case is resolved.

“The one who sent me to you today is Almighty God, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the one who says to be the light and was the light,” he said.

He prayed that all was well for the people of Badagry.

Adeboye also said that she had been asked to tell the sick that they would recover and prosper.

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