Widow of slain LASTMA officer prays judicial panel for compensation

Seven alleged victims of the October 20 shooting in Lekki have

Adeyemo Rotimi, widow of Rotimi Oke Adeyemo, an official with the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has prayed to the Lagos judicial panel for compensation for the murder of her husband.

He stated that he does not have an amount in mind for compensation, but wants a scholarship for his children up to the tertiary level.

According to the widow, her husband was shot dead by Olonde Olakunle, a SARS officer, while on duty on November 28, 2018. Her husband’s death is exactly two years old today.

Ms. Rotimi said that after her husband’s death, she was left in charge of her children, a twin (3 years old) and her older brother (8 years old).

While crying, the widow said that an autopsy was performed on her husband and showed that he was shot dead.

Following questioning by the police attorney, the widow revealed that after her husband’s death, a mob lynched the SARS officer who shot her husband.

Police attorney J. I Eboseremen, who claimed to have facts about the case, revealed that the mob lynched the SARS officer who shot her husband and the SARS officer was eventually killed.

The police lawyer also revealed that the Lagos state government paid N10 million in compensation for the death of her husband. She responds in the affirmative.

Ms. Adeyemo explains that the Lagos government’s N10 million compensation has been spent on her children’s education since 2018 when the incident occurred.

The police attorney also said that the Lagos government mediated the case and paid compensation to her and the harassed SARS official. He said the case is over then.

Judge Doris Okuwobi, chair of the judicial panel, postponed the case until December 11, 2020.

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