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“Who marriage help” – Uche Ogbodo advises unmarried women above 30 to have kids rather than abort (Video)

Nollywood actress and media personality Uche Ogbodo took to her Instagram account to advise single women in their 30s never to opt for abortion and to give birth to their children.

The actress uploaded a lengthy video on her IG page as she spoke at length about her first pregnancy at the age of 27 and her current pregnancy now that she is 34 years old.

She opened up that she is not ashamed of her actions nor does she regret being pregnant over and over again.

Uche revealed that she does not support abortion as it goes against her belief as a Catholic and that is why she handled the mistreatment her ex gave her.

The actress said that it is foolish for a woman 30 years or older to have an abortion because she is expecting a husband. This could actually be harmful, as women can go through menopause quickly, unlike the opposite sex.

In addition, he revealed that marriage does not favor everyone and what worked for “A” could be a disaster for “B”.

She’s married, oh, and she looks haggard and old and ugly.

So who does marriage help? If with marriage and the almighty man you marry, you look terrible, without marriage, who knows what you look like?

Please stop killing your children, especially when they are of age. Have your children. If marriage comes, get married, oh, if marriage doesn’t come, raise your children now. “

Watch a short clip from the video below.


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