US Republicans Urge Trump To Concede Election Defeat And Move On

US Republicans Urge Trump To Concede Election Defeat And Move On

American Republicans

The Washington Examiner, a Republican spokesman, has asked the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to grant the election and ‘move on’.

In an editorial published on Friday, the newspaper, which initially supported Trump in challenging the poll, backtracked.

Now he said there are not enough cases of fraud remote enough to change the outcome.

Read the editorial:

When President Trump refused to grant Joe Biden the election immediately after November 3, we argued that he had the right to take legal action if he believed there had been wrongdoing, mistakes, fraud, or all three. The objections and outrage from the Democrats were as hypocritical as they were inevitable, coming from a body that refused to accept the 2016 election result not for days, weeks or even months, but for four years.

But while impartial people know that legitimate litigation procedures exist, and that they should be allowed to develop, there is also wisdom in the phrase “stand up or shut up.” If you are going to raise legal challenges and allege on national television that there has been massive and systematic electoral fraud, you had better provide proof in addition to the claim. Trump’s legal team has not done that.

When more than 150 million voters participate in an election in 50 states that, in our federal system, decide their own rules for voting and the counting of votes, there are likely to be irregularities and errors, even if there is no fraud. And, contrary to what Democrats repeatedly say, there have been many well-documented cases of election fraud over the years. There was certainly some of that this year too.

But not remote enough to change the result. The vast expansion of American democracy, which makes error and misconduct inevitable, also makes it clear that none of these unfortunate concomitants of mass voting stole victory from Trump. No fraud or mistake produced tens of thousands of additional votes for Biden in the battlefield states.

Take Georgia, for example, which Trump needed to win to retain the presidency. Had he been denied victory in that state due to fraud or faulty machines, it would have been discovered in the entire manual ballot count ordered and administered by Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. But when the manual count was completed, Biden had won by 12,284 votes.

In addition to Georgia, Biden’s leadership stands at about 10,000 votes in Arizona, 20,000 votes in Wisconsin, 80,000 votes in Pennsylvania and more than 150,000 votes in Michigan.

The Democratic candidate did not win the presidency much, but he did.

The attention Trump has drawn to our flawed electoral system, which needs reform, has merit. But only up to a point, and that point has been reached and passed. Increasingly, the president’s legal team appears to be throwing mud to see what sticks, rather than following a consistent course of litigation. Trump’s campaign attorney, Sidney Powell, stated: “What we are really dealing with here, and discovering more day by day, is the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba and probably China in interfering in our elections here. in the U.S. “He claimed that the voting systems used in the United States” were created in Venezuela under the leadership of Hugo Chávez to make sure he never lost an election, “and that Trump actually won more than 80 million votes, meaning that 7 million Trump votes were traded to Biden … If the voting machines were changing that many votes, they would have been discovered in Georgia’s manual count.

At this point, Trump’s efforts are more likely to hurt the Republican Party and, more specifically, undermine his chances of winning the second round of the Jan.5 election in Georgia for the two Senate seats that remain undecided. Republican control of the Senate is based on those races; the party must win at least one of them to maintain its majority. And that majority is all that stands in the way of a Congress dramatically more capable of passing harmful, far-left laws after January 20.

The president’s efforts to reverse the election result and stay in office for a second term will not be successful. With no chance of success, they have become distractions from the really important task of keeping the Senate in Republican hands. In Georgia, Trump is pitting Republicans against Republicans.

Beyond these political concerns, a prolonged refusal to concede will hurt the country. The deeper he digs, the more Trump will undermine faith in our elections and make unification as a country more difficult. In more practical terms, Trump is not cooperating with Biden’s transition team, a crucial part of making sure the executive branch runs smoothly as it moves from one administration to the next.

If Trump wants people to believe that he has the good of the country and the legitimacy of his elections in mind, the president must admit that he lost and must do everything possible to help his party win the two Senate battles in which he still has. is involved. .

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