Umahi: Anyim Pius Is The Leader Of IPOB In Ebonyi And Senator Egwu Is Their Member

Umahi: Anyim Pius Is The Leader Of IPOB In Ebonyi And Senator Egwu Is Their Member

On Friday, Ebonyi State Governor David Nweze Umahi accused the former state governor and the senator representing the Ebonyi North Senate District, Senator Sam Egwu and others of inviting the indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB to cause chaos in the state.

Recall that during the EndSARS protest, which was hijacked by thugs, many police stations were burned, many died and others were injured in Ebonyi state.

Speaking while briefing journalists in the former Abakaliki government house of the Exco chambers shortly after a security meeting involving all the state’s security chiefs, the governor charged former SGF Anyim Pius Anyim and former Governor Sam Egwu of allegedly recruiting cultists and some IPOB members. to cause chaos in the state.

He said: “I want the media to note that I reported an allegation that some Ebonyi people are engaging with cultists and according to them some IPOB members will initiate assassinations and crises in Ebonyi state in the name of fighting the Ebonyi state government and the governor.

“And its leader is Senator Anyim Pius Anyim and its members are Dr. Sam Egwu, Senator Obinna Ogba, Mr. Ali Odefa and others.

“This is supposed information that I obtained and I needed to share this information with the security agency. The reason is that every governor of the state has been fought by the same group of people and it is very interesting to know that Senator Pius Anyim himself fought against former governor Egwu and many people died.

“I am not saying that this information is true or not, but I needed to raise the alarm because lives will be lost, I pray to God this is not true. And I have asked the security agencies to contact them.

“Their party (PDP) will exist peacefully in the state and no one is going to harass them. But it is important to note that this is what we hear. It may be true and it may not be true.

“It is something that we have to make known to the public, so that, God forbid, if the information is true and it started to happen, it may be that I obtained the information and shared it with the security agencies.

“I have also ordered the security agencies to contact them and assure them that no one will harass them. That no one will stop their activities in the state and that is very important.

“Finally, I have also ordered the security agencies to ensure the implementation of policies on tinted windows of vehicles in the state, the use of a siren and then the police escort.

“And the same group of people use sirens, use police escorts and wear polarized lenses and when they arrive at their different locations the police will be shooting into the air. We don’t want that.

“And I have asked the security agencies to insist on removing them from the police they use to harass our innocent citizens. And to prevent those who are not supposed to use sirens, tinted windows and skid plates from doing that.

“Only in the state of Ebonyi is such a thing being abused. When I’m done, I will go back to my business by God’s special grace. If you catch me in a vehicle with tinted windows, you have to arrest me.

“No one is above the law. No one asks them to join APC, but they cannot put the state in crisis. We cannot allow them. They should be told that we will confront them openly, if they try to initiate assassinations in Ebonyi state, the governor asks you to be peaceful and know that Ebonyi belongs to all of us.

“Nobody owns the state, so don’t stay in Abuja or elsewhere and behave like you own the state. If they try to fight the state, this will be their last fight, they will fight this one and they will not fight again, “he said.

Source: – Igbere Tv