UBA Foundation’s National Essay Competition 2020 Brings Out The Finest Young Creative Writers

National Essay Contest of the UBA Foundation

The 2020 UBA Foundation National Essay Contest has presented the best young creative writers from Nigeria.

Nigeria online news Reports that The UBA Foundation, the CSR arm of the United Bank for Africa, today held its 10th annual National Essay Competition (NEC) in a virtual ceremony attended by high school students from across the country. The UBA Foundation Education initiative has been changing lives for a decade as the tertiary education scholarship program continues to impact the lives of many students and their communities.

For the fourth year in a row, women have led this competition with 14-year-old Eshiet Abasiekeme from Akwa-Ibom State Bright Stars Model High School taking home this year’s winning award. Eshiet received an educational scholarship of N2,500,000.00 to study at any African university of his choice. She will also be supported throughout her educational career and beyond with constant mentoring from the UBA Foundation.

The 2020 UBA Foundation National Essay Contest presents the best young creative writers

Abasiekeme, who had joined the virtual event from her base in Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria, could not contain her excitement when she heard the announcement that she had won the first prize at the NEC 2020. “I am honored to be the winner of this year NEC, and I want to thank the UBA and the UBA Foundation as this will help fulfill my dream of becoming a lawyer, ”she said proudly, expressing that she would like to go to university in Uyo in her home state.

The second prize was awarded to Mofuluwake Adesanya, 14, of the Spring Forte-Lead College of Lagos State, who won an educational scholarship of N2,000,000, while the third prize of N1,500,000 went to Abdulganiyy Habeeba, 16 years. Abdulganiyy attends the International School of the University of Lagos.The 2020 UBA Foundation National Essay Contest presents the best young creative writers

Eshiet and the other 11 finalists took home their new laptops to allow them to continue working competitively in a world that is rapidly becoming fully digitized.

Congratulating all the winners in the final event of the contest, the Managing Director / CEO of Fundación UBA, Bola Atta, applauded all the participants for their exceptional brilliance. He explained that the Foundation had taken into consideration the effect that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on lives and overall income and had increased the prize money by 33% this year to help cushion any negative or inflationary effects.The 2020 UBA Foundation National Essay Contest presents the best young creative writers

Emphasizing the driving force behind the annual competition, he said: “We are passionate about the annual NEC because it changes lives and helps improve the quality of life for students and their families. The NEC helps improve the quality of writing and competitiveness among students. We have launched in more African countries this year and we would have launched the initiative in 20 countries by the end of 2021. It is not just about writing essays, the ripple effect is really quite huge, and we are glad that it is spreading to other countries where we operate. ‘ she said.

Also speaking at the opening of the event, Group Director General / UBA Plc Executive Director, Mr. Kennedy Uzoka, praised the 12 finalists, expressing that UBA was happy to touch lives and have a solid impact through its National Competition. of Essays. , which is now in its 10th edition. He was very pleased that more women were back in first place this year, adding that despite the constraints and challenges of 2020, the Foundation received the highest number of entries to date, with more than 12,000 digital submissions. ‘.The 2020 UBA Foundation National Essay Contest presents the best young creative writers

Uzoka, who is also the president of the UBA Foundation, said: “The NEC has been changing lives positively for 10 years, and we have awarded scholarships to students not only in Nigeria but in other parts of Africa such as Ghana, Sierra Leone and Senegal. Some of these students are already graduates and contribute significantly to their communities ”.

To the 12 who have been finalists, I would like to congratulate them. If out of 12,000 entries he was able to make the top 12, that represents roughly 0.12% of entries. Without a doubt, you are already a winner, ”he continued.

The National Essay Contest of the UBA Foundation is an initiative under the Foundation’s Education pillar. Now in its 10th year, the NEC’s goal is to ensure that more young Africans have access to education. The program also highlights the good quality of education that exists on the continent, as it emphasizes that the scholarship must be used at any university of the winners’ choice on the African continent.


1 Eshiet Abasiekeme Eshiet 1S t
2 Mofuluwake Adesanya 2North Dakota
3 Abdulganiyu Habeeba 3rd
4 Emenugha Hannah Amarachi 4th
5 Ibem Marylyn Anya 5th
6 Ehibor’s Favor 6th
7 Nwabueze Regina Ugochi 6th
8 Dimaro tamarapreye 7th
9 Ozoke Melvin Damian Uchenna 8th
10 Enobong Flourish David 9th
eleven Chukwuma Light EC 10th
12 The Stephen God Grant eleventh