Tokunbo Abiru proposes antidote for national challenges

Tokunbo Abiru proposes antidote for national challenges

The PPD and its candidate, Babatunde Gbadamosi, urge the court to disqualify the APC candidate, Tokunbo Abiru, for his alleged possession of two voter cards.

Tokunbo Abiru, APC’s candidate for the Lagos Este by-elections, has said that quality representation in the National Assembly is an antidote to various national development and security challenges.

Abiru, former CEO of First Bank Plc and CEO of Polaris Bank, added that the mirage of challenges, especially those emerging recently from the contraction of the national economy, well-targeted legislative interventions can prevent it from plummeting.

He discussed this at a stakeholder meeting with residents of the Isheri Community (ISECOM), in the Kosofe Local Government Area (LGA), Lagos.

Also at the meeting were the Hon. Rotimi Agunsoye; APC Vice President (Eastern Lakes), Chief Kaoli Olusanya and APC Candidate for the House of Assembly, by-election of Kosofe II, Mr. Femi Saheed, among others.

According to Abiru, Lagos-East was central to the economic development expected in Lagos and should be represented by someone who previously assumed responsibility and fulfilled the task.

The candidate argued that the challenges that have affected the country also show that the electorate must vote for a proven candidate in the upcoming by-elections.

“Nigeria” is going through a difficult time. This nation is plagued by a turbulent economy, which contracted 3.62% in the last quarter; police brutality, culminating in #EndSARS protests; unbalanced federal structure, which has fueled unrest among ethnic nationalities; worsening of insecurity, which has been a matter of concern for all citizens at the national level and the Draft Law on Water Resources, which has been withdrawn.

He argued that these challenges “suggest that our country needs to be restructured to guarantee equity and justice. The worsening of these challenges further demonstrates that we need people of impeccable character, who can fairly and impartially represent our people in the National Assembly.

“It absolutely shows that we need men with a decent pedigree and impeccable integrity in strategic political positions with a view to achieving the desired changes that we all need to fulfill our aspirations,” he added.

“I belong to the class of good citizens, who will not betray the public trust if they are elected to any political office; that he will never understand the will of the people to obtain pecuniary gain and that he will not exchange the public interest for the personal interest. “

The financial expert said his records often “speak for me in all the places I’ve been, whether it’s in the banks where I worked or in the Lagos State government where I once served as Finance Commissioner.

“In my years of service, I never compromised the interests of my employer; nor did I betray the trust of the people whose resources were entrusted to me. But I worked with honesty, integrity and purpose in the interest of the people.

“As a result, I have been honored and recognized in different places around the world for my humble contribution. In this same spirit, I will serve the people of Lagos East if I am finally elected on December 5. “

However, he congratulated the neighbors for deciding to contribute their quota to the construction of the mini water works and other activities that could bring the desired development to their farms.

Also at the meeting, ISECOM Vice President, Mr. Gbenga Osobu, acknowledged the pedigree of APC candidates for the upcoming by-elections, but appealed to the candidate to facilitate state government intervention projects for the community.

Osobu listed the challenges facing the community, noting that residents have embarked on various projects and that what was needed was a push from the government to accelerate completion.

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