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This Student Beats Up Principal And Set Up Administrative Block On Fire After, See Why He Did This (Details below)

A high school student reportedly beat his school principal, senior disciplinary teacher, and set fire to an administrative block in Bambúes, western Cameroon on February 18, 2021.

The shocking incident occurred after the student wanted to leave campus without proper permission from school authorities, but the discipline teacher denied him, sparking a fight between the two.

The fight between the student and the disciplinary teacher caught the attention of the school principal, which also led to a brief fight between the student, the principal, and the disciplinary teacher.

After a brief chaos, the gendarmes took the student away, but then released him a few hours later.

The student returned to school after a few hours the same day and set the administrative block on fire.

Below is the image of the student who beats the principal, the disciplinary teacher and sets fire to the administrative block.

Here is a photo of when the gendarmes took him away after a brief fight between him and the school principal.

This has caused that people who are not happy with the action of the young man have reacted since many concluded that the young man is a drug addict and that is a perfect reason why he hit the school principal, the disciplinary teacher and mounted the administrative . burning block.

See how people react below;


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