This 7 Year Old Girl Has Two Pet Snakes! (Photos below)

This 7 Year Old Girl Has Two Pet Snakes! (Photos below)

The world is full of different people, with different lifestyles.

While most people would be terrified of coming face to face with a tiny snake, this father and his daughter from Surrey have two 15-foot reticulated pythons as pets.

The father, Ed Taoka, is a massage therapist by profession and is on a mission to change people’s attitudes towards snakes.

His own interest in snakes started when he was a child and he says the animals helped him overcome social anxiety.

“What has surprised me the most is how calm they make me feel when I hold them. “

Responding to those who think he is irresponsible for allowing his 7-year-old daughter Emi to play with pythons, he says he would never leave her unsupervised with reptiles, adding that they are even kinder than people imagine. that are.

“The first time my daughter decided that she wanted to touch snakes, she was only a year and a half. The relationship between her and the snakes has grown stronger over time. “

Once he believed that she had the understanding to be kind, he began to let Emi interact with them, to show them that she was not food for them. According to him, the animals are always well fed with thawed rats and rabbits, every two weeks.

He said they would not bite his daughter, as long as she handled them gently and posed no threat to them.

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