Tears As Lagos Government Auctions 44 Vehicles For Traffic Offences

Tears As Lagos Government Auctions 44 Vehicles For Traffic Offences

“My heart bled to see my car auctioned in my presence. I tried to bid, but every time I bid, there was always someone adding N100,000 to my bid.

This is how I lost my car, which was auctioned for N1.2 million ”. These were the words of a former owner of the 2003 Toyota Corolla whose car was auctioned yesterday.

There were mixed feelings for car owners and bidders as the Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Crimes auctioned 44 vehicles seized from the Lagos State Government for traffic violations.

The violators had come expecting to bid on their vehicles and get them back at an affordable price, but were surprised to meet a crowd of businessmen, ready with cash to bid on the seized vehicles as well.

While some showed elongated faces as the auction continued, others were openly crying persuading bidders to leave the auction. A crying woman asked some police officers present to stop the auction at her bidding price, as it was the only source of income for her and her children.

The process usually begins with the car owner appealing to the multitude of potential buyers to allow them to bid on their cars only, starting with N100,000, but some young people carrying cash-laden nylon bags would yell N500,000, N1 million and shook. the price.

One of the owners of a Toyota Camry car collapsed when another bidder increased his bid from N100,000 to N1 million. All the pleas and acts to arouse public sympathy for a moderate offering fell on deaf ears as savvy buyers raised the offer beyond the reach of the owners.

Some of the cars auctioned were Murano Nissan for N450,000; Toyota Sienna for N850,000; Honda CRV for 1,550 million naira; Toyota Corolla 2003 for 1.2 million naira; 2008 Toyota Camry for N1.9 million; Hyundai car for N300,000; minibus for N505,000; a 14-seater bus for N4 million and a Mercedes Benz SUV for N9 million.

The owner of the 2008 Hyundai Elantra model said he was arrested on November 10 for driving “one way” at Constain / Iponri Bridge, Surulere. He claimed that officials from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) ordered the cars to go one-way to ease traffic, but was shocked that he was arrested and prosecuted in the mobile court while a others were released.

Task force spokesman Taofeek Adebayo said the exercise was made necessary to punish violators, with the aim of facilitating traffic on Lagos’ roads, adding that the action was not punitive but corrective in nature.

“This is simply to deter lawbreakers because ever since the #EndSARS protest ended, motorists have been driving recklessly into traffic, driving in BRT corridors and causing road obstructions, without paying attention to the staff of road safety, which contravenes Lagos regulations. State Transport Sector Reform Law of 2018 ”.

He noted that the exercise will continue, as the court will auction more seized vehicles to the highest bidder.

Source: – Guardian ng