Suspected cultist shot dead in Ilorin

The Nigerian Police say their investigation shows that Boko Haram, Ansaru and other terrorist groups are receiving support from some Nigerians.

An alleged cultist popularly known as “Tiny” was reportedly shot dead in Ilorin in a shooting duel on Saturday by some groups of policemen for allegedly terrorizing his neighbors with gunfire.

Former Senate President Media Assistant Dr. Bukola Saraki was quick to distance the incident from Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki’s eighth year commemorative prayer program, which took place successfully a few feet away.

Hon Abdulganiyu Abdulquadri in a statement in Ilorin said, among others, that “The incident has nothing to do with prayers. To avoid any misrepresentation of the facts, we urge all journalists interested in publishing the facts to seek clarification from the police and other security agencies, as an investigation into the matter is said to have started. “

It was reliably inferred that the incident occurred coincidentally in a spacious machine shop around Commissioner Way, GRA Ilorin, which was a stone’s throw from the Sarakis’ residence in Iloffa, while the Prayers for remembrance of the eighth year of the Dr. Olusola Saraki.

The allegedly drunk cultist who came to drink at one of the “joints” in the Ilorin area is said to have been firing a rifle into the air, causing panic in the area.

Onlookers reportedly took notice of him, but he was unfazed, saying he was testing his newly purchased rifle, which he described as one in town.

Vanguard, however, learned that the fear that the lethal attitude could wreak havoc on the people in the area led a few police officers who were observing the incident from a few meters away to rescue the situation.

The alleged cultist was later discovered to be on the police wanted list for allegedly committing many atrocities in the state capital.

There was chaos in the area when the alleged cultist reportedly fired a few shots at the approaching police team in a vehicle, but was shot dead in an exchange of fire with them.

When contacted, Kwara State Police Command spokesman Ajayi Okasanmi confirmed the incident but said it had not been officially reported.

Speaking in an interview with journalists, he said: “I learned of the incident, but I have not been officially informed.” he said.

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