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“Sunday Igboho Gave Up His Fight Against Fulani Herdsmen Because He Knew Yoruba People Are Not Together”- Uthman

Recently, several people began to wonder why Sunday Igboho was able to withdraw his tentacles in the recent war he started against the Fulani herdsmen in Yoruba Land. While offering the reasonable intentions that should have caused Igboho to unexpectedly give up on his battle that he was kicking with his greatest vigor, many critics suggested one reason or another, which could have softened Igboho’s motivation in his battle. He said it was for treason, just as Igboho wept when former aviation minister Femi Fani Kayode visited him in Ibadan. Yoruba people as he anticipated, particularly from the top Yoruba leaders. His courage was completely contracted when he visited Ogun State to persecute the herdsmen, but was attacked by some Yoruba leaders. In more ideas, some people said he gave up his mission because the federal government froze his bank account. “For these people I’m just curious about what this popular personality said,” Ismaeel Uthman said. According to him, Igboho gave up his fight because he may have examined the battle and realized that he cannot win the war.Surely this is where I want to take my point, it would be good to point out that any battle to force any people or ethnic group to abandon any Nigerian religion may never be possible as long as Nigeria remains a country. It should be a lesson to others, that it is extremely unfair to ask any ethnic group to leave a specific part of the country because every Nigerian has the right to live in any part of the country as long as it is peaceful and united. In the same belief, it would also be very bad to call a specific tribe or ethnic group in Nigeria terrorists, because each ethnic group in Nigeria can certainly have criminals and good citizens among them. There are criminals in the land of the Igbo, there are criminals in the land of the Yoruba, there are criminals in the land of the Hausa and also other tribes in Nigeria. So, seeing this, it is never civilized to consider an entire ethnic group as criminal because of the behavior of the few members. In a real feeling, the boho really tried to prevail for his people at a time of trouble, but the simple mistake is that I believe that he did was consider all the FULANIS or Pastors as criminals. It shouldn’t have led him to the degree of searching for all the Fulani herdsmen of the entire Yoruba land. What I should have done instead is endeavor to fish criminals among the herdsmen, and then consider them all criminals, because I think that not all Fulani herds are criminals, there are some good ones among them. I guess what Igboho did was that he carried the laws in his hands, this may be the purpose for which he did not get enough support from the people as expected. because a sensible person would realize that no one is capable of giving notice of resignation to any tribe in any part of the country unless authorized by the government. Igboho should have disagreed and allowed the government to take the prosecutions because the government is constantly there for such problems. Taking action yourself may appear to have disrespected the government, or show that you were more powerful than the government. Therefore, I ask the government to do what is necessary to rectify any lingering problems that still need to be rectified. so that there is a truly peaceful environment in the affected places and in all regions of the country. Also, I suggest that the Government unfreeze the Igboho account as it is now quiet. It would also be necessary for the government to call him to order to hear his complaints so that such a problem does not occur in successive moments. What is your opinion on this?


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