SUG Awards To Cultists By Offa Polytechnic (Photos)

When you thought you had seen it all in Nigeria, wait a minute, a surprise awaits you

The Government of the Federal Polytechnic Office Student Union has taken this mockery of our educational institutions to a whole new level.

This time, it is an award to the secret sects that have been banned from our institutions.

What a pity.

In this same generation of soro soke, Offa Polytechnic Student Union awards the cult group Sneezing face.

When you think you’ve seen it all … The Government of the Offa Polytechnic Student Union awarded merit awards to secret cults at the school. Hey Lawd !!! Face with tears of joy

For those awards of merit… .. The Federal Polytechnic government student union, offa, needs to be sanctioned, the organizing committee of its event and the executives must also be prosecuted.