Stray Bullet Shattered My Left Leg – Hairdresser Opens Up Before Panel

Stray Bullet Shattered My Left Leg – Hairdresser Opens Up Before Panel

Mrs. Hannah Olugbodi, a 35-year-old hairdresser, has told her story of police brutality.

The woman, on Saturday, recounted how she ended up on a crutch after her left leg was shattered by a stray bullet fired by some men from the disbanded Special Anti-Theft Brigade of the police who tried to arrest a young man with tattoos in June 2018. in the Ijeshatedo area of ​​Lagos.

Olugbodi said that SARS agents were at a hotel in the city of Ogun to demand money for fuel for their vehicle when they saw the young man with tattoos among a group of people watching a soccer match at the hotel.

According to the petitioner, the owner of the hotel, a certain Abu, who used to give money to the SARS agents, was not present to attend to them.

She said SARS agents labeled the young man with tattoos as a Yahoo Yahoo boy (cyber scammer).

She said an attempt by SARS agents to arrest and remove the boy with tattoos was resisted by the other children, prompting the SARS agents to resort to shooting.

Olugbodi said she was at the Ijesha market trying to buy pepper to prepare the food her children would bring to school the next day when she was hit by a stray bullet.

She said the market women ran up to her and asked for her address and her husband’s name, which she managed to give before passing out.

She said they eventually took her to the Lagos University Hospital, where they said there was no room for the bed and gave her four bags of IV fluid right on the bus.

“The doctor said they needed to do four surgeries. The bullet hit my bone. The doctor said the second surgery would involve cutting the bone because the bone did not survive. “
she said.

Olugbodi said he spent six months at LUTH and the doctor told him he had to return two years later for follow-up surgery.

“I cannot walk properly; I feel pain every five minutes. When I sat there (in the hallway), I felt the air conditioning (air conditioning) inside my bone; I had to go out for a while.

“I can’t walk properly, now I stagger. At midnight, I can’t sleep. I can’t do my job. I’ve been at home for two years doing nothing.

“The panel should compensate me and my two children. It is only my husband who is doing everything, ”Olugbodi said.

The petitioner’s husband, Oluwaseun Olugbodi, who also testified before the panel, corroborated his wife’s story, adding that the divisional police officer in the area told him that the stray bullet was fired by SARS agents from Gbagada.

The panel postponed the case until December 8 for an additional hearing.