“Stefflon Don Won’t Leave” – Burna Boy’s Side Chic, Jopearl Faces The Wrath Of Nigerians

Jopearl, the high school girl of Nigerian musician Burna Boy, has faced the ire of Nigerians after she revealed why she exposed him about their failed relationship.

Earlier today, we updated a video of the British-born model, explaining the reasons behind her actions. According to her, she wanted her voice to be heard because it had been hidden for a long time …

This attracted negative comments about his actions to find his way out of the relationship. Some fans criticized her for agreeing to be with him as a high school girl from the beginning of the relationship.

Others made him understand that he could have known his position considering how his girlfriend, Stefflon Don, was smug on social networks. Others categorized her as a lady who sought influence and dishonored the Nigerian singer.

Check out some reactions below:

@ nkem195 wrote; Steff won’t leave. You were not forced. You willingly agreed to be a side shit…. so shut up now

@ ayam.sparks wrote; Nne is fine Nah you were fine as a side piece Why are you getting into feelings now?

@legendaryben wrote; she still came out again sounding silly. Did you want to be heard? Was your mouth tied before? If a man keeps you a secret for so long knowing full well that he is dating someone else openly, then you should know that he never rated you and still doesn’t rate you. You are a side piece. Remain a side piece or face your reality and get yourself another man. Simple

@Prettifrance wrote; Girl enough! … came back to her, take the L and move on … you knew he had a girlfriend and yet you agreed to be his little secret, the guy played with you … I’m in favor of women who support women but not at the expense of another woman.

Look the following video:

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