How to solve pro evolution soccer Pc & Ps4 teams names problem

On paper, many people buy Fifa soccer game because it boasts of more teams that are licensed that PES. By license, i mean teams with their real names, emblem, and stadium. I am not ashamed to say I am a pes fan. I can only ever consider a FIFA game only when it has a gameplay that is as good as pes. Konami’s pes indeed owns the pitch. The simulation looks so real. Without further ado, I will talk about how to change pro evolution soccer pc/ps4 team names here. Meanwhile, let me mention some unlicensed teams and their real name. You should be aware that you can also do this manually if you only want to change the names of just a few team.


PES Team Name Real Team Name
East Dorsetshire AFC Bournemouth
East Sussex Brighton and Hove Albion
Lancashire Claret Burnley
London FC Chelsea
South Norwood Crystal Palace
Merseyside Blue Everton
West Yorkshire Town Huddlesfield
East Midlands Leicester City
Man Blue Manchester City
Man Red Manchester United
Tyneside Newcastle United
Hampshire Red Southampton
St Red Stoke City
West Glamorgan City Swansea City
North East London Tottenham Hotspur
Hertfordshire Watford
West Midlands Stripes West Bromwich Albion
East London West Ham United
PES Team Name Real Team Name
PV Sky Blue White Alaves
PV White Red Athletic Bilbao
GA Cyan Celta Vigo
GA Blue Whites Derpotivo La Coruna
PV Blue Red Eibar
CT Blue White Espanyol
MD Cobalt Blue Getafe
Ct Carmine White Gorona
CN Yellow Blue Las Palmas
MD Blue White Leganes
ED Blue Burgundy Levante
AN Cyan White Malaga
AN Green White Real Betis
MD White Real Madrid
PV Blue White Real Socedad
AN White Red Sevilla
ED Yellow Villareal

As for Italian league, only Juventus requires changing from PM BLACK to Juventus.


We have more teams that are not carrying their real names on pes. What am saying here is that you can change the names for all of this teams at once.  I will show you how to change pro evolution soccer pc/ps4 team names to their real team names. This doesn’t work for PES on the xbox. Also, am using Pes 2018 and a PS4 console as my case study here. However, this guide will also help you if you own a PS3 or older titles of pes like pes17,16 15 e.t.c

How to change pro evolution soccer pc/ps4 team names to their real team names

Important requirements

  • You need to connect your PS4 to the internet an login to your PSN account
  • Also, You need a healthy USB flash drive which you must format to FAT(by default most flash drives are in this format)
  • create a folder inside your formatted USB and make sure this folder is the only thing in it. Name the folder “WEPES”
  • Download your desired pes patch for PC or PS4 from. For PC, follow this tutorial. As for ps4, please read on. Meanwhile, you can also download either of the following files(size of each one of them is more than 100mb)

    Tuga Vicio OptionFile PES 18 v1 (PS4 and PC).rar(Direct download_zippyshare) 182mb       or download the bigger but equally effective one  WEPES.rar

How to install the pes2018 patch on PS4

For pes2018 pc game patch installation, please read from here. My article of today will talk about how to import option file and original kit via pes editor on pes2018.

The steps:

·  This next bit is important: create a separate folder on your USB device and name it WEPES. Some option files, like PES World, automatically create this folder structure for you when you unzip their download.

·  Go to your website of choice for option files and PES 2018 patches. PESUniverse, in many people’s favourite, we also have others like PES World. Besides, no harm in trying to look at the ones in my links above.

·  After downloading an option file, extract it using a decompressing tool(this is very important) in fact, imperative

·  Next, plug in your USB into your PS4 and launch your PES 2018.

·  Go to the Edit screen and make your way to Data Management and then, finally, the Import/Export screen

From data management>> open import/export


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