Soldiers Smash Lawyer’s Car In Imo Over Biafran Flag (Photos)

A Nigerian lawyer suffered greatly after soldiers smashed his windshield for having a Biafran flag.

A Nigerian lawyer lamented after his windshield was allegedly smashed by Nigerian soldiers in Imo state.

According to him, men from the Nigerian army broke the windshield of his car for having a Biafran flag.

The Nigerian lawyer reported that the victim (lawyer) whose name is not yet known revealed in a video that the incident occurred while on his way to a neighboring town.

He said he was accosted by men from the Nigerian army and when he stopped they wrecked his car simply because they saw a Biafran flag on the car.

According to him, the soldiers said that he should thank God for being a lawyer, otherwise they would have “wasted” it.

“Is that the way to live? Let the world know that we are no longer free in the state of Imo. “The lawyer lamented

He expressed concern about the vandalism of his car without just cause. According to him, he has the right to admire the flag of Biafra, and doing so is not a crime.