Sinach gives scholarship to boy who sells water in educative way (VIDEO)

A little boy received a scholarship from a Nigerian gospel singer, Sinach, after a video of the boy educating people about the importance of water and energy went viral on the internet.

Sinach offers scholarship to young child

In the video, the bagged water vendor could be seen trying to convince someone to buy him water.

As a marketing strategy, the child would define water, list the qualities of good water, and discuss the importance of water while focusing on its energy-giving characteristic.

Sinach offers scholarship to young child

Being in an era of a dreaded global pandemic, I would also go ahead to discuss the role that water plays in helping the body’s system fight novelty. Coronavirus.

When you are sure that you have fully educated your potential customer on why they need to drink enough water, you will proceed to plead with your potential customer to buy you water.

Sinach offers scholarship to young child

However, depending on fate, award-winning Nigerian gospel artist Osinachi Joseph, popularly known as Sinach, has shown interest in offering the “pure water” vendor scholarship so that he can go back to school so his intelligence is not wasted. . .

Watch the video of the smart guy who intellectually convinces a potential buyer below;

After watching his video, the “Way MakerThe crooner asked his fans and followers to help him find the seller of water in bags.

Look at the moment you found the boy downstairs;

Since then, Nigerians on social media have taken to the comment section of the singer’s video to thank her for offering the boy a scholarship.

Sinach offers scholarship to young child