Senator Lawan: Why APC will continue to harvest decampees from opposition

Senator Lawan: Why APC will continue to harvest decampees from opposition

Senate President Ahmad Lawan has unreservedly condemned the shameful assault on former Senate Vice President Senator Ike Ekweremadu on Saturday in Nuremberg, Germany.

Senate President Ahmad Lawan on Thursday advanced the reasons why the ruling Congress of All Progressives will continue to harvest peasants from opposition parties.

Lawan spoke in Abuja when he addressed Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo and his fellow peasants from the People’s Democratic Party in Adamawa state to the National Secretariat of the Congress of All Progressives.

Lawan said people were beginning to appreciate the fact that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari had done so much with so few resources.

Yobe State Governor Mai Mala Buni, who is Chairman of the Planning Committee of the Interim / Extra Ordinary Convention, led his team to welcome the new decampees.

The president of the Senate said that the more people in the opposition appreciated the giant strides of the Buhari government, the greater the crop of decampees towards the ruling APC.

He said: “We think we haven’t seen anything yet.

“We will see more coming from the opposition parties.

“Just last week, the governor of Ebonyi state left the PDP for APC.

“Yesterday (Wednesday), the youngest senator in the current dispensation, after consulting very widely and deeply with his people at home, decided to leave the PDP for APC.

“This is what we expect from leaders.

“When you see a government trying so little to ensure development in our country, in our communities and in society, the best thing to do is to be part of that effort.

“That is patriotism.

“We came in 2015.

“We inherit everything except bad government.

“But thank God, the president came with determination and focus to ensure this country works for the citizens of this country.

“That the government’s resources are applied in a prudent, efficient and economic way for the benefit of the people.

“Although we inherited the empty treasury, the price of crude dropped a lot, however, the few resources with which we started provided much more infrastructure, of services to the people of this country.

“So any politician who thinks well, when he sees prudence, when he sees integrity and sincerity, when he sees determination in leadership, the best thing he can do is not be left alone.

“It is up to you to join forces with such leadership for the benefit of the people you represent or lead.

“I want to congratulate our brother, the very distinguished Senator Abbo, for making the right decision at the right time.

“Nigeria needs all hands to work.

“This ship will reach its final destination by the Grace of God.

“We will remain committed to improving Nigeria, regardless of the resources available.

“We had our good days in revenue, but those days were bad in performance.

“Now it is the other way around.

“Our income is so low.

“In fact, it has never been this bad and yet the infrastructure development in Nigeria is unprecedented.

“With that little bit, Nigeria is now a construction site.

“From East to West.

“From north to south.

“Therefore our brother made the right decision by joining APC today.”

Lawan, who is also the APC caucus leader in the northeast geopolitical zone, said the party would make sure to capture Adamawa state and other states in the area that is now controlled by the opposition by 2023.

He added: “Let me be very specific and emphatic.

Adamawa State is APC.

“The people in Adamawa, most of them are APC and therefore Adamawa State deserves APC Governor, APC National Assembly, APC State Assembly and all areas of local government.

“I lead the APC Northeast Caucus.

“We are doing everything we can and will keep the momentum going to make sure the entire Northeast becomes an APC by God’s grace before 2023 or by 2023.”

Buni assured the peasants that they would not regret their decision to join APC.

He said: “Senator Abbo, your entry is timely because we will soon begin the process of building this party from the bottom up.

“We are beginning with the registration of members throughout the country and this will culminate with the National Convention to elect our new leaders who will take charge of the affairs of the party.

“Many more are joining the APC because we have a leader, President Muhammadu Buhari, who is doing justice to all kinds of citizens.”

Abbo said he decided to go to APC because he was fascinated by President Buhari’s prudent management of scarce resources and his commitment to the poor and vulnerable in society.

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