See How Much The Main Actor Of “The Gods Must Be Crazy” Was Paid (Details below)

Only $ 300 was paid to the lead actor in the 1980 hit movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” though the movie made more than $ 60 million, as it often appears online. Yes, it is a reality, surprisingly, that movie became the biggest international movie of that year, and actor N! Xau Toma earned international celebrity status. NORTH! He was born in the Tsumkwe region of Namibia. He was a farmer who rose to world fame after starring in the lead role in a 1980 comedy film, The Gods Must Be Mad.

In the movie N! Xau tended to represent Xixo as a gentile chief of a nearby tribal Khoisan clan. He was also a sober, comic-grinning Bushman who found a Coca-Cola bottle dropped from an airplane. Upon finding the bottle, he sees it as an alien entity and launches into a comedy of errors. Over $ 60 million was reportedly raised for the film, but lead actor N! Xau Toma only paid $ 300. NORTH! says Jamie Uys, the South African film director who discovered the actor.

At first, Xau did not realize the value of paper money, so he let go of his first salary of $ 300 before appearing in the film. Xau’s exposure to everyday life was minimal and he didn’t know how much money he was worth. However, by the time of the sequel to Gods Must Be Crazy II (1989), he had learned the value of money and demanded several hundred thousand dollars before agreeing to be reworked into the film. He insisted that his family needed the money to build a cinder block house with electricity and a water pump for his family’s three wives and their children.
The Namibian newspaper announced that N! Xau faded in 2000 during his film career. He returned to Namibia, where he tended his livestock and became a farmer in a newly built brick house, growing corn, squash, and beans.

Sadly, the funny actor, N! In late June 2003, he was found dead near his home in Namibia, after he allegedly went out looking for firewood. He was thought to be 59 years old and the exact cause of his death was unclear. He had also suffered from tuberculosis in the past. NORTH! Xau Toma is known for being a humorous African artist from the late 1990s. His name is pronounced with the clicking sound used in the Khoisan language.

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