Primate Ayodele Releases Scary Prophecy, Predicts Doom For Nigeria Under Buhari

Primate Ayodele

Primate Ayodele has predicted Nigeria’s doom under Buhari in the latest terrifying prophecy.

Nigeria online news reports that the leader of the INRI evangelical spiritual church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has predicted another bloodshed, unrest and confusion in Nigeria.

While speaking to reporters during a telephone interview, Primate Ayodele urged Nigerians to pray against what God showed him by stating that He foresees an impediment that will attack the country under Buhari’s presidency.

According to Primate Ayodele Prophecy, the unrest that will affect Nigeria will be so severe that it will affect everyone in the country, including political leaders.

He stated that if President Buhari does not fire his heads of service, there will be another protest that will draw the attention of international communities.

Moving on, Primate Ayodele revealed that it could cause the disintegration of Nigeria and expose the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy of Nigeria’s Disintegration

There is something mysterious that will happen, I cannot say when, but it will bring riots in Nigeria, this will also affect the presidency and President Buhari will be in total confusion.

Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb, I see confused people running Helter-skelter, I see people stoning governors, honorable, abusing Buhari, people will run for safety.

God is not happy with the Buhari government because he has not done what the Lord sent him, anyone can criticize this, the blood will flow in Nigeria, we need prayers, I see riots everywhere, or you are governor or president, you are not going to escape from it.

If Buhari does not fire his heads of service, I see another protest against the Buhari government that will attract the attention of international communities.

This will expose the Buhari government more, other than corruption, Nigerians are not safer, the police will not be safe because I see attacks everywhere, and this could even cause our disintegration, Buhari should wake up before it is too late, I am seeing problems, pain, Nigeria needs prayers. ”

The Popular prophet spoke lightly about 2021, while making it known that Nigerians should pray between January 1 and January 14 because the year will not be financially pleasant.

Primate Ayodele 2021 Prophecy

2021 will not be a pleasant year, economically, Nigeria will not enjoy this government, this government will face another difficult time economically, I see some banks collapse, let’s pray between January 1 and 14 to avoid this crisis.

Nigerians will not be able to go to work, I do not see a strike but I see confusion everywhere, Nigerians must seek the face of God before it is too late, it is a warning. ”

In reaction to the political uproar in the United States, Primate Ayodele advised Donald Trump to concede and congratulate Joe Biden because he does not see him emerge victorious.

In his words, “Donald Trump should humble himself and congratulate Joe Biden, he can’t get the victory no matter the trick, he’s gone.”