Police In Fresh Trouble As Bandits Demand #100m To Release Kidnapped Senior Officers


The Nigerian police find themselves in new trouble after the kidnapping of their superior officers by bandits.

Nigeria online news reports that bandits who held six deputy superintendents of police in Katsina State captive for more than a week have demanded a ransom of N100m for their release.

This online news platform learned that the ASPs who were being held captive were among the nine who had just been promoted to their current rank. They were assigned to Mobile Police Squad 6, Maiduguri, Borno state.

Wednesday’s findings indicated that they were demobilized from the anti-riot unit and eight of them were on their way to the Zamfara State Police Command to be transferred when they were ambushed in the Dogondaji area of ​​Katsina State and taken to the forest.

A reliable police source explained that the nine ASPs planned to go to Zamfara state together, but one of them changed his mind at the last minute while the others embarked on the trip on a commercial bus.

Upon arriving at Kano, the driver is said to have asked them to join another vehicle as their bus had developed a fault.

The source said: “When they were released to go to Zamfara, they scheduled a day for the trip from Maiduguri, but one of them said that he was not comfortable with the trip and refused to accompany them. He said he had something to do and promised to meet them in Zamfara later.

“So the other eight left, but upon reaching Kano, the driver said that he could not continue the trip to Zamfara because his vehicle had developed a fault. They joined another vehicle and on their way around Dongodaji in Katsina state, they were boarded and abducted by bandits.

“While they were taking him away, two of them escaped and one of them was shot in the leg but did not die. He found himself in a village and the villagers took him to a police station and took him to a hospital. The other six officers are still with the bandits demanding a ransom of N100m. “

A senior police officer said the commander, Mopol 6, was unable to account for the men when asked about their abduction, adding that he referred investigations into the missing men to the Zamfara State Police Command.

The officer explained that normal procedure was for the commander to send a signal to the Zamfara command informing them that he had released the nine ASPs, but he allegedly did not follow the official procedure.

The source stated: “The problem came from the Commander, Mopol 6, their former squad leader, who released them when they were transferred to Zamfara. He was supposed to pass on the information about the kidnapping incident, but said he knew nothing when asked; instead, he referred the investigations to the Zamfara State Police Command.

“The commander should have sent a signal that the men had been released to go to Zamfara, but he did not. Normally, the Zamfara command would send a signal to Borno confirming that the men had resumed. “

The findings indicated that the families of the missing police officers were concerned for the safety of their breadwinners following the rescue of N100m demanded by the bandits.

It was learned that the families were trying to raise N3m for the release of the captives or N500,000 each.

The Force spokesman, DCP Frank Mba, had not yet responded to inquiries about the incident, as he did not respond to calls and SMS sent to his mobile phone at the time of this report.

When contacted by one of our correspondents, one of the officers, who escaped the kidnappers, said that he was too weak to tell about the incident.

“I have high BP (blood pressure); I just got back from a checkup. I can’t remember everything now. The incident occurred on Sunday on the Katsina-Gusau highway, ”he said simply.

Borno State Police Command Public Relations Officer DSP Edet Okon said that no case of kidnapping of command police officers was reported, adding that the alleged victims were no longer in command because they had been transferred.

“The Borno State Police Command has not received any signal regarding the kidnapping of its agents. We still do not know about the alleged kidnapping of agents, since we have not yet received any alert about it. That is the official position of the command from now on, ”Okon said.

When one of our correspondents visited the Mopol 6 base in Maiduguri, he observed that police personnel were overwhelmed by the kidnapping of their comrades, which occurred weeks after some of his men were killed and several others were injured during an attack on the convoy. del Borno. Governor of the state, Prof. Babagana Zulum.

The atmosphere in the barracks was very sober, with little or no activity except for a few uniformed riot police grouped in groups who were obviously discussing the incident.

It was found that some members of the command staff were recently attacked in the Bama local government area of ​​the state and the latest event had tarnished the morale of the police officers.

The newspaper saw no women and children in the barracks except for a few in the market square.

Except for the command headquarters, where some policemen were seen sitting under the trees and in other strategic locations, the entire barracks, which houses a police training school, the state police command and the Mopol 6 base, was scarce.