People Laughed At Her For Marrying A Mad Man, 3 Days Later, They Regretted It (Details below)

In life, never look down on anyone because you don’t know what the future holds. God turned Susan’s mockery into joy and glory. Which means it can also turn your shame into glory.

Recently, I was extremely bored and started scrolling through my Facebook feed, looking for new updates and stories to read.

Then I came across the story of a lady named Susan. She shared a story of what happened to her for all to see and I say I was truly inspired and touched.

According to what the lady shared, “My name is Susan and I am a 25-year-old lady who graduated from college after studying business administration.

I started looking for work almost immediately. I graduated, but to no avail. Life was very hard for me. I come from a family of 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys. And I am the eldest daughter and the second.

Things are going very well for all my brothers except for me. I was really struggling to make ends meet and pay my bills. My relationship life was zero.

In fact, no man wanted anything to do with me, after going out for a few weeks, they always left me. Maybe because I’m not pretty or erotic enough. But I kept hoping that one day I would find my soul mate.

One day, I was coming back from my job search when I saw an ugly looking madman staring at me. He looked really hungry and tattered.

I felt sorry for him so I bought him some sandwiches and a coke, he ate everything right away. Then I continued my journey home.

Without knowing it, he followed me to where I lived. I was surprised when someone knocked on my door. I asked him why he was following me, he smiled at me and said “Because you are so kind and beautiful.”

I was surprised that the madman spoke English fluently like someone who lives abroad. After that day, we became good friends. He often knocked on my door and gave him food.

Sometimes we sat outside and talked about life, he was very smart and I wondered why he seemed angry. I also decided to give her some of my big polo shirts to put on and look a bit decent.

People and my neighbors who noticed the crazy’s frequent visit began to gossip about me. That she was having a relationship with a madman. They mocked and humiliated me on several occasions.

Our friendship continued for a few months and then I realized that I already had romantic feelings for him. He also confessed that he was in love with me. At first I was confused, but then I decided to follow my heart. The madman proposed to me and I accepted.

The news spread like wildfire and my family found out. My parents are very disappointed in me and refuse to bless my marriage. But I didn’t give up, I really was in love with him.

We had a small church wedding ceremony and not many people attended, our news was blogged and spread online. They labeled the headline “The Mad Man Is Getting Married.”

All my friends were disappointed in me and made fun of me for marrying a poor dirty maniac. My husband and I moved into my one-bedroom apartment and began to live our lives as a couple. Three days later, something truly miraculous happened.

A few white men and women and an elderly Nigerian couple knocked on our door. The couple said they are my husband’s parents. They showed me proof with photographs.

They said he escaped from the hospital where he was receiving treatment after suffering an accident that damaged his brain and mind 7 months ago.

And since then they have been looking for him, until they saw the photos of his wedding with me on the Internet. His family was extremely wealthy and settled in London. His parents thanked me for helping them find their son and told me to follow them outside so that they could complete his treatment since I am already his wife.

They treated him, did a makeover and my husband became so handsome and matured. He was no longer crazy.

My husband’s family was not only rich, they were billionaires. I realized how lucky I was. He got better, he and his family treated me very well with love and gifts, and he thanked me for loving him even when he was angry. My life changed for the better.

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