PDP accuses President Buhari of plunging Nigeria into recession

PDP accuses President Buhari of plunging Nigeria into recession

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The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday asked President Muhammadu Buhari and his party, the Congress of All Progressives (APC), to accept its failure and allow competent, transparent and honest hands to effectively manage the economy, since that is the only way to save Nigeria from impending economic collapse.

The main opposition party also dismissed yesterday as misleading the alleged suspension of some key leaders in Ebonyi state, including former state governor Senator Sam Egwu and 23 other party leaders.

The PDP, in a statement signed by its National Advertising secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, said that the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) report that the economy has plunged into another recession under the APC confirms the PDP’s position on the they lack the presidency of Buhari and the APC. the competence and integrity to run a national economy.

The report, according to the PDP, showed that the Buhari administration and the APC have been lying to Nigerians with false performance claims when they learn that they have “in a space of five years ripped apart and looted the economy, which was described as one of the the fastest growing economies in the world, when they replaced the PDP. “

According to the party, “In fact, Buhari will be the first president in our history to achieve a hat-trick to plunge his country into economic recession, both as a military and civilian leader.

“The economic recession we are facing today is a consequence of the restrictive, vengeful and anti-trade policies of President Buhari and APC; strange exchange controls and monetary policies that impede growth; an overloaded public sector that encourages waste and incurable corruption, reckless looting of the treasury and the inability to decisively confront the escalation of insecurity, which has destroyed economic activities in most of our country.

“While the Buhari residence claims to be running a free market economy, it is actually running a corrupt exclusionary market economy designed to serve the interests of a selfish few while frustrating millions of working Nigerians with restrictive policies, lack of access to incentives and support, as well as high taxes and levies. “

The PDP spokesperson added that this has crippled domestic production and competitiveness, eroded investor confidence and led to a shortage of foreign direct investment, leading to the economic contraction that Nigerians have continued to witness under Buhari. .

Ologbodiyan said: “President Buhari must put an end to the corruption and divisive tendencies of his administration and enable a free market economy for more Nigerians to actively participate in the economic space to boost our productive sectors and bring our economy back to its normal. feet.

“Today, more than 60 million working Nigerians have been laid off by harsh economic policies, including cumbersome protocols and high taxes imposed by the APC management.”

The PDP stated that the Buhari administration’s inattention to Nigerians’ demands to modify the security architecture has also worsened the level of insecurity in many parts of the country, leading to the closure of millions of businesses, with more than 30 million Nigerian farmers. abandoning their farmland, while commercial activities in commercial corridors have been destroyed.

In addition, the main opposition party said that it had warned against the increase in the price of fuel, which has negatively impacted the disposable income of Nigerians, adding: “However, we insist that mismanagement, and not high cost of crude oil in the international market is responsible for the high costs of the domestic price of fuel ”.

He explained that “this is due to its laziness, the Buhari administration failed to establish structures to boost internal competitiveness due to favorable prices induced by market forces before the so-called deregulation of the oil sector.”

Also, the PDP said that it has noticed the negative impact of the closure of the borders by the Buhari administration without incentivizing local production, only to create an impression of food sufficiency, when it knows that it has not achieved any improvement in the production of foods.

In another development, the PDP yesterday dismissed the alleged suspension of some key leaders in Ebonyi state as misleading, including former state governor Senator Sam Egwu and 23 other party leaders.

They were allegedly suspended from the party by the dissolved state executive committee.

The PDP in a statement issued by the secretary of National Advertising, Kola Ologbondiyan, affirmed that no PDP leader in the state has been suspended, adding that the document alleging the suspension is fictitious and did not emanate from the state chapter of the party as stated. He suggested.

The PDP spokesperson said: “For the avoidance of doubt, the PDP does not have a state working committee in Ebonyi state as presented by said fictitious document. Therefore, any body that is said to have come together to come up with any decision or action that is alleged to have been taken by such a “non-existent body” is, at best, imaginary.

“The public is already aware that the body charged with directing the affairs of our party in Ebonyi State is the State Oversight Committee, which has since assumed its mandate to the approval and delight of the leaders and members of our party in the state since the dissolution of the state executive committee in the state. “

In addition, the PDP said that a check on the party’s records in the state stated that no meeting was held as intended in said document to make such a decision at any time.

However, “we have been informed that the manufactured document emanated from a former leader of our party in the state of Ebonyi, who left on a personal trip to another party, but seeks to cause confusion in the state by failing to remove our leaders and members throughout their expedition.

“Indeed, it is regrettable that such an individual descends to the level of resorting to fabrications and manipulations of the calendar in desperation for political redemption.”

The party advised anyone behind such a post to stay away from the party and face the challenges it already faces in its new in-laws, as well as inquiries coming from the people of the Ebonyi state, which has been betrayed. for your action.

The PDP, therefore, urged Nigerians to ignore the alleged suspension of the 24 leaders in the state, as there is no basis in the claim.

Along the same lines, the party assured its members that the structure in Ebonyi state is still intact and that it has become stronger, more united and has the support of the people of the state more than ever.

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