Pastor Istifanus Tiswan’s 5 Daughters Kidnapped In Southern Kaduna

No fewer than six people have been abducted after gunmen stormed the suburb of Karaji in Kaduna state.

Among the victims of the incident, which took place less than 10 kilometers from Government House, are five daughters of Pastor Istifanus Tiswan of Christ Embassy Church.

They are Faith, Godsgift, Ruth, Damaris, and Michelle.

The other victim is Haruna Barde, who escaped the violence in her hometown to take refuge in Karji as an internally displaced person.

The kidnappers have not yet contacted families or local authorities.

Luka Binniyat, spokesman for the Southern Kaduna People’s Union, in a statement described the deteriorating security situation in the area as worrying, leading to the death and kidnapping of residents.

He said: “The abduction of our members almost daily has become a source of grave concern for residents living on the fringes of Buyaya, Maraban Rido, Gonin Gora, Karji and Unguwan Juji, all of the Kaduna suburbs that fall under Chikun. LGA.

“Many have left their homes to seek refuge in safer areas. Meanwhile, the natives of Katarma, Chikun district, in the same LGA of Chikun flee en masse across the Kaduna River and take refuge with their members of the Gbagyi tribe in the city of Sarkin Pawa, in the neighboring state of Niger, as a result of new attacks against their community.

“These will add to the number of villages our Gbagyi members have had to abandon and flee to save their precious lives after many of them have been destroyed and captured by the Fulani militia in the last year. Below is the number of Ggabyi communities in Kaduna state that have been devastated and destroyed by and occupied by the Fulani militia to date. “

He said that so far, 45 communities have been displaced and occupied by his attackers.

They are, Kunai Ward, Kudo (Dau), Sunusi Dnakwala, Galu, Aguyita, Galuko, Galiwyi, Atopi, Onkoru, Anguwan, Badole, Manini, Hayin Damisa, Anguwan Nyako, Badimi,

Gnashi, Sarari, Giji, Dnapagbe, Badimi, Shelbula, Rafin yashi, Sabongida, Rafinyashi, Anguwan Amos, Manini, Hayin Dakachi Manini, Madalla, Abon, Kawuya, Gayam neighborhood in Birnin Gwari LGA Bordering Kunai in Chikun LGA, Rumanian Gbagyi , Malamo, Labi, Hayin Kozo, Muya, Shuwaka, Polwaya, Kaguru, Kasko, Nasarawa Kaguru, and Dabbara Kaguru.

SOKAPU said the recent attacks are the aftermath of the killing of four Gbagyi men by Fulani gunmen on October 6 and November 7.

“The men were ambushed and killed in Dande Village, which is part of Kasaya Village, in the Kunai neighborhood of Chikun LGA. They are: John Musa, 45, married with 9 children; Habila Ibrahim, 42, husband of two wives and father of 9; Maikudi Wasa, 25, single and Samaila Audu, married with two wives and father of 7 children.

“David Umaru, 27, was injured in the incident,” the group said.

The group noted that despite the impact of the attacks, Governor Nasir El-Rufai had never visited any of the communities despite being very close to the Government House.

“The effort of Operation Safe Haven under the command of Major General Chukwuemeka Okonkwo, who placed enough of his men in the Zangan district, Atakad Chiefdom, Kaura LGA to make it possible for the attacked IDPs to return to their 9 abandoned communities . This has reduced the number of our occupied territories from 109 to 101 if the village of Katarma is added.

“It is estimated that the internally displaced from our affected communities number 50,000 and most of them live in subhuman conditions in camps for internally displaced persons or in squalor among poor communities safe enough to accept them in the south of Kaduna.

However, under this unspeakable atrocity against a large area of ​​Kaduna State, Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State has never visited any of the devastated villages, some within 30 kilometers of the Kaduna Government House. It would appear that as far as both the Kaduna state and the federal government are concerned, these citizens do not exist, and if they do, they do not matter.

“It was therefore with surprise and bewilderment that we read the visits of our governor, His Excellency, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, to distant Lagos last week while touring some of the properties damaged during the #EndSars demonstration that was violently kidnapped. by gangsters. .

“Our governor said he was almost moved to tears when he saw the magnitude of the destruction of public and private property.

“We are surprised that our governor has tears to shed and can show some humanity for the tragedy of another person, not the most colossal one who cares about genocide and physical destruction of no less magnitude in his state,” the group added.

Source: Sahara Reporters