Onions now cheaper in Enugu markets

Onions now cheaper in Enugu markets

A survey in the town of Katsina revealed that a 50kg bag of onions, which used to sell for N5,000, now sells for N10,000 in just a two-month period.

Contrary to acute shortages in recent months, the price of onions has fallen considerably in Enugu’s main markets.

A market study by journalists on Monday showed that a bag of onions is now selling for between N58,000 and N65,000 compared to N70,000 and N80,500 a few months ago.

Joe Ilora, an onion trader in New Akwata at Garki Market, attributed the price reduction to an increased number of stored onions brought in from the northern part of the country.

“Due to the increased number of onions brought in from the north, the onion shortage is now a thing of the past.

“Places like Sokoto, Kano and Jos, where we bought them, are now experiencing surpluses,” Ilora said.

Clara Eze, another onion trader at the Garki market, said the price of onions would drop even further as their season of abundance gradually approached.

Dan Ugwu, also a seller of onions, also blamed the high costs of months ago on an increase in logistics charges such as charges for land, transportation and money paid to truck pushers.

He urged the government to build storage facilities for traders to preserve perishable items like onions so they are available year-round.

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