Old students associations laud Osun governor for education reforms

Old students associations laud Osun governor for education reforms

Adegboyega Oyetola

Education sector actors have praised the Governor of Osun State, Adegboyega Oyetola, for modernizing the state’s education sector through the revision of the old state education policies, describing his intervention as one that has revolutionized the sector.

A cross-section of stakeholders, who made a courtesy call to congratulate the governor on his second anniversary, said that in the past two years, state government has demonstrated an uncommon commitment to improving education at all levels.

They praised the reversion of schools to their previous state, the reversion to the nationally approved 6-3-3-4 policy, the reversion to the old established uniforms, and other elements of the state’s new educational policy.

They said the Governor’s strategic and systematic approach to addressing what had been a major challenge in the state’s education sector cannot go unnoticed.

The National President of the Alumni Association, Oba Adedoyin Adelekan, Atorise de Iju-Ijesa, praised Oyetola for his intervention in the educational sector, stating that the actors of the school and the whole of Ijesaland appreciate what the Governor has done in reversing the name of the school to his previous name, status and uniform.

In his comment, former Health Minister Prof. Isaac Adewole also praised Oyetola for restoring the legacy of the school, which he described as “the birthplace of eminent Nigerians and a school that has produced many vice-chancellors.”

Adewole also praised Oyetola for bringing sanity back to the state education sector, adding that the 6-3-3-4 system is the normal and acceptable system by the national standard and that his commitment to the standard was evident through the reversion.

The Elders of Baptist Girls’ High School also praised Governor Oyetola for returning the school to its former status as an all-female school.

Professor Laide Adedokun, National President of the Older Girls Association, described the policy review as a progressive change that has restored hope and joy to the student body and alumni.

Adedokun thanked the governor for the recognition given to former students for partnering with the government to improve the level of education in the state.

Funke Egbemode, the Information and Civic Orientation Commissioner, who is also a student at the school, praised Governor Oyetola for his courage, adding that the alumni association is ready to support the government by further improving the implementation of political reforms.

Ing. Salami Adesina, president of the home branch of the St. Charles Elementary School Alumni Association, appreciated Oyetola’s gesture and added that he has restored the vision and philosophy of the school’s founding fathers through his actions.

Adesina said: “We have come to thank the governor because it takes the wisdom of an enlarged heart to review policies.

“The wishes we were making were not for our own personal gain, but simply to make the system more functional.

“The man with a big heart looked at him and did the right thing.

“The founders of our school had their vision and philosophies when they established the school and the previous alterations shook the foundations of the school until Governor Oyetola intervened.”

The national vice president of the Osogbo Grammar School Alumni Association, Alhaji Fatai Alade Ademola, in his comment said that the new reforms in the state’s education sector, among other things, have brought discipline in the school environment.

In her comment, the First Lady of Osun State, Kafayat Oyetola, thanked the Governor for giving in to the calls and demands of the people, from whom she has also benefited.

Dr. Festus Osoba, national president of the Alumni Association of St. John’s High School, Ile Ife, described Oyetola’s interventions as a revolution.

Osoba added: “In recognition of his excellence in leadership and governance in the state of Osun, we recognize him with this award to encourage him because we know that he will continue to do more for the people.

“We have a culture of excellence at St John’s Grammar School and we also want to align ourselves with the excellence that you exude by honoring you as our great sponsor so that great doors will continue to open for us.

“Their policies are very good because they have allowed interested parties to come in and contribute their quota.

“This participatory approach is very commendable.”

Yomi Olayinka thanked Governor Oyetola for lowering the political temperature in Osun state.

Olayinka said: “For many years, Osun was in the news for many wrong reasons.

“But we thank him for being a calm governor who has made room for reasonable conversations rather than stormy discussions.”

In his words, Governor Oyetola commissioned the Alumni Associations to assume responsibility for the development of their schools.

In his words: “I am happy that the small reforms we have carried out are good for a large number of people.

“We are here to serve.

“And in doing this, we cannot afford not to listen to people.

“I don’t have the rigidity to say take it or leave it.

“Mine is a government that respects the wishes and the collective interest of the people.

“I had promised from the start that I would carry out all-inclusive participatory governance and this was immediately operationalized when we embarked on a ‘Thank You Tour’ that we did after the elections.

“Because of the need to ensure policy flexibility, at some point we must stop to review the policies that exist in an environment.

And that was exactly what we did.

“But in doing so, we hired eminent individuals, educators and professionals to research people’s wishes and present their recommendations.

“So now that your wishes have been taken into consideration, please nurture your schools and let us foster unity in our schools.

“This is also your government.

“We invite you to make a significant contribution to governance.

“We want to partner with former students to restore glory to all schools in terms of discipline and quality of education.

“The government cannot do everything alone.

“We are particularly concerned about the issue of moral decay that permeates schools today.

“That’s where we need our former students in the project of instilling the right values ​​in our children.”

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