OAP exposes a street beggar who rented someone’s baby to beg with

An air personality, Aunt Landa, has social networks and exposed a street beggar who allegedly rented a baby to beg.

OAP exposes a street beggar

He explained that after seeing the woman begging with her children, he took them to the rehabilitation center to rehabilitate them, only to see the woman again on the streets with another child who is supposedly not hers.

However, when he confronted the beggar and asked him where he had gotten another child, the woman ran away with the baby.

Aunt Landa, whose real name is Yolanda N George-David, a Nigerian-based Caucasian media personality, has now pleaded with Nigerians to stop giving money to women with babies to discourage them from renting babies to beg.

OAP exposes a street beggar

Below is a video of Aunt Landa confronting the beggar;

Disclaimer: The featured image of a woman sitting on the ground begging with a child was used for illustration purposes only and in no way represents the actual woman reported on the news.