Nigerian Army effects major shakeup

The Nigerian Army has posted new positions and senior officer appointments.

Brigadier General Mohammed Yerima, the Army’s Public Relations director, said the reform is in line with the Army Chief of Staff’s vision of having the military arm ready to carry out assigned missions.

Those affected include Major General FO Omoigui of the Headquarters Theater Command, Operation HADIN KAI to the Nigerian Ground Forces Simulation Center and designated Director General; Major General CG Musa of the Nigerian Army Resource Center to Operation HADIN KAI of the Headquarters Theater Command and appointed Theater Commander; Major General OR Aiyenigba from Defense Headquarters to Nigerian Army Military Police Corps Headquarters and designated Provost Marshal (Army).

Major General IM Jallo of the Defense Space Administration to Operation HADIN KAI of the Theater Command of the Headquarters and appointed Deputy Commander of Theater 1; UN Brigadier General Muktar from the Nigerian High Commission in Islamabad to the Office of the Army Chief of Staff and appointed Director of Procurement; Brigadier General O Nwachukwu of the Defense Headquarters (Director of Defense Information) to the Directorate of the Army Public Relations Headquarters and designated director.

The list includes Brigadier General AE Abubakar of the Department of Training and Operations (Disappeared) to the Brigade of Headquarters 22 and designated Commander; Brigadier General KO Ukandu from the Office of the Army Chief of Staff (Director of Procurement) to the National Defense School and the designated General Staff; Brigadier General IB Abubakar from the Nigerian Army School of Armor to the Army Operations Department of Army Headquarters and appointed Deputy Director of Operations.

Brigadier General AM Umar of Army War College Nigeria to the Office of the Army Chief of Staff and appointed Chief of Staff of the Army Chief of Staff; Brigadier General AJS Gulani from the Nigerian Army School of Armor to Task Force 24 Brigade Headquarters and designated commander.

In addition, Colonel KE Inyang from the Army Logistics Department at Headquarters is transferred to the Office of the Army Chief of Staff and appointed Military Assistant to the Army Chief of Staff; Colonel OO Braimah of Operation HADIN KAI from the Headquarters Theater Command to the Nigerian High Commissioner in Islamabad and appointed Defense Attaché.

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However, Colonel IP Omoke from the Office of the Army Chief of Staff to the Defense Intelligence Agency and was appointed Deputy Director of Liaison / Foreign Liaison Officer (Army).

The army chief, Major General Faruk Yahaya, urged the officers to justify the trust placed in them.

According to Yerima, all announcements and appointments take immediate effect.


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