Nigeria Police Promotion Rank And File 2020 List Out?

Nigeria Police Promotion Ranking and File List 2020

The Nigeria Police 2020 Promotion Rank List has topped the recent search trend.

Nigeria online news had reported in March that the Nigerian Police were prepared for a new promotion of their officers in 2020.

On March 2, NewsOne Nigeria released a report entitled: “EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Police Ready For New Promotion For 2020, See Date, Officers Affected”, regarding the upcoming Police Promotion of Nigerian Police Officers .

In our March report on the 2020 Nigeria Police Promotion, NewsOne Nigeria exclusively gathered that the promotion will include officers whose names were omitted in the last promotion, in what can best be described as “justice for affected officers” .

NewsOnline Nigeria reports that the Police Wireless Message also indicated that the Nigerian police officers “omitted from the last promotion whose date of the last promotion was 7/12/2015 must also include their names for documentation. adequate “.

Four months after NewsOne Nigeria reported on the 2020 police promotion, PSC Head of Press and Public Relations Ikechukwu Ani issued a statement on Friday, July 3, confirming the promotion of the Nigerian Police Force officers. Enumerate?

“The President of the Commission congratulated the promoted officers and demanded that they reciprocate the Commission’s gesture by rededicating themselves to the service of their country. Smith said the Commission will continue to ensure that merit and seniority guide the promotion of Nigerian Police Officers, ”the statement on Police Promotion 2020 read.

While senior police officers have been promoted, NewsOne Nigeria may report that the 2020 list of Nigerian Police promotion officers has yet to be released.

Although the Nigerian Police has not yet released the list of the Nigerian Police 2020 Promotion Bases, our sources at the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) revealed that the list will be released soon.

The Nigerian Police 2020 promotion list, according to our sources, is delayed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which has led to the collapse of many companies around the world.

When Should Junior Police Officers Expect the Nigeria Police 2020 Promotion List?

NPF sources informed our correspondent that the Nigerian Police 2020 promotion list may not yet be available because junior police officers have not yet taken the police course, the source added that: “the course is very important Always after the course, the list of police promotions is made known to the public. “

Another source said: “Although the signal had been broadcast due to our failure to do so, we have not yet heard anything about the 2020 Nigerian Police graduation after the promotion of senior officers.”

Rest assured, NewsOnline Nigeria will inform you as soon as the 2020 Nigerian Police Promotion Officers list is released.

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