Nigeria News|Breaking News & Naija News Today November 25, 2020

Nigeria News|Breaking News & Naija News Today November 25, 2020

Ike Ekweremadu

Enugu State – The Western federal lawmaker who spoke Wednesday said the government can no longer do the same thing and expect different results.

NewsOnline Nigeria noted that While complaining about the insecurity and economic challenges facing Nigeria, the senator stressed the need for the government to urgently address the situation.

Nigeria is mired in widespread insecurity: insurgency, banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery and all kinds of violent crime. Nigerians have been offering solutions to tame the growing crime wave.

“These include calls for decentralized policing, of which I am an advocate and also have a bill to that effect currently before the Senate.

“Unfortunately, it appears that the Nigerian government is determined in doing the same thing over and over, but ironically hoping to get a different result.

“In the same way, many Nigerians, including yours honestly, have been yelling it on the rooftops long before the current economic downturn caused by the drastic and prolonged drop in oil revenues, that the days of high oil revenues were numbered.

“The West and other developed nations are setting targets to get away from oil. However, we are not even close to activating other abundant sources of income because our federalism is programmed to share wealth rather than create it.

The 7th National Assembly, when we hear the wishes of Nigerians to amend the constitution to transfer aviation, energy, railways, etc. from the Exclusive List to the Concurrent List, it was never approved by the Presidency.

hopefully the federal government it will listen to the voices of reason, it will delegate powers and it will not continue to micromanage the nation’s resources, “he said.